Tales of Justice

Harvest of Dust, Part 3

Offensively Defensive?

Greetings True Believers!

When we last left, our heroes just made it out of hidden base just in time! Right before the Infinity Incorporated Recovery Teams could close in on them!

Having withdrawn to a smuggler’s outpost, our heroes can regroup and figure out what the next steps are. There are still nine missing youngsters from the local town. Infinity Incorporated Recovery Teams out prowling for any sign of our heroes. Last, but not least, there was that alarming call from Medkit’s sister warning of an attack back home!

I wonder, which advice did Cindy take? Tell Professor Gironde? Go find the her three classmates, the ‘Three Investigators’ to get help from the envisioned attack? And why were the Infinity Incorporated Recovery Teams carrying Star Labs technology?

Now, if only our heroes had more information to go on! Lucky for them the assassins have come back and are drawing out the location of an unused airfield that may not be so unused!

But wait … isn’t that the Hammer Empire logo the assassin is drawing on the map to the airfield?

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




The airfield is to the NE and it belonged to the Hammer Empire. Apparently HE is allowing I.I. and STAR Labs to use it, and each has a hanger AND a jet waiting on the runway.
Tanaka says children are in the II hangar, and most of their people are busy digging their personnel out of the collapsed under-mountain base. They left a small guard group and at least 1 scientist.

It could be a trap, but it could be an opportunity.

Harvest of Dust, Part 3

Vashel Gironde claims this smuggler base is HIS. His 2nd in command is Garimbe Kansai (spelling??)

Harvest of Dust, Part 3

In jeep: found list of contact numbers for people that work for Kenya, Gold Coast, various national governments’ state departments. Also found scribbled notes, lat/long coordinates, tracking movements of rhinos and elephants and which poacher bands no longer “viable”. One has a line and a “Cobblepot?” Another “Shaw?”

Harvest of Dust, Part 3

Dr. Morn is an anthropologist. He has been following a trail that he believes will lead him to some very old settlements of Thanagarians. He believes they came here a very long time ago, and there’s evidence of many colonies here on this world. He thinks they integrated themselves into the human populace.

Harvest of Dust, Part 3
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