Tales of Justice

Harvest of Dust, Part 4

Holding out for some heroes!

Greetings True Believers!

What a day our heroes have had!

After stopping the mysterious Infinity Incorporated and a group from Star Labs in Africa, they race back to find that Dr. Reynolds’ sister took Don’s advice! And she didn’t go alone! Gathering her allies, they left a polite note for Dr. Gironde, then raced off … for the safety of Gotham City?

But! Trying to track them down is Blackjack, Silverwing, Shadowstar … led by a well-known thief, mercenary and criminal known as Puma?

Desperate times make for desperate measures, True Believer! And they’ve made me a believer in that!

Dr. Gironde, always one to hedge his bets and balance karma where he can, sends our heroes off in search of his errant students … the self proclaimed “Young Justice”!

Racing to the quinjet, they fly to check the highway before heading to look for the train between Metropolis and Gotham. On the way they get an emergency call from their teammate Moleculon!

Looks like their day isn’t over yet!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!



Guest Starring
The Shadow!


Looks like arrested gangs are Latin Eagles and Juarez Low-Riders.

Harvest of Dust, Part 4

Feral is sneaking at high speed toward the crowded area where there’s an I.I. minion unit, and scientifically intrigued people, and a lot of panicky victims.

Harvest of Dust, Part 4

Thunder is literally skipping down though the path with his hammer on his shouder yellng “Oh Rabbbbbbiiiiiitttttt”!!!!!!! To help give Jarissa some cover.

Harvest of Dust, Part 4
Banzai_Aether JarissaVenters

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