Black Diamond

Super strong, nearly invulnerable, master thief


Black Diamond is a tall black woman, 6’2” with a sculpted, muscular body and hair cut very short. She wears a sleeveless black body stocking with tasteful silver-edged diamond- shaped cut-outs on the sides and front, and short silver gloves. Since she was first captured and her identity exposed, she hasn’t bothered to wear a mask.


Maxine Walters ( aka Black Diamond ) was given superhuman powers from accidental exposure to an experimental high-gravity field. This made her superhumanly strong — able to rip vault doors off their hinges, toss cars around like baseballs, and shrug off bullets like they were nothing. Her most unusual power is her ability to absorb kinetic energy and use it to increase her strength and resilience. When she uses this power, a field of black, crackling energy surrounds her body. Black Diamond is the most “straightforward” member of GRAB in combat. She’s the group’s front-line fighter, the one who charges into battle and starts smacking superheroes around. The rest of the team tends to rally around her, following her lead until they can all break free from the fight and escape.

Black Diamond isn’t a particularly complex person. She wants to be rich, and she doesn’t particularly care how she gets there as long as no one gets hurt. The way she sees it, anyone who can’t protect their stuff deserves to have it taken away. Black Diamond has a tendency to be reckless. She goes off half-cocked, without fully considering the implications of her actions. She’s a doer, not a thinker, and reacts impulsively to many situations. Combined with her greediness, this trait has led her to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong more than once, causing trouble for herself and GRAB.

Black Diamond

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