Custom names of powers:
Blackout generates an aura from his person that absorbs photons and, if he really exerts himself, does weird things with them. He can create a blob of darkness, centered on himself, without too much trouble.
Blackout has taken the time to “brand” his powers, giving each one a name he feels best describes it. He does not feel an urge to announce them as he applies them, but in discussions with his teammates about strategy he will use the name rather than simply describe what he’s thinking about doing.

Villain Identity: Blackout
Motivation: Mercenary
Revision Date*: 05/22/2012

Dex: 06 | Str: 03 | Body: 07
Int: 06 | Will: 07 | Mind: 08
Inf: 05 | Aura: 05 | Spi: 05
Init: 17 | Wealth: 07 | HP: 50


  • Area Knowledge: home town in Vlatava
  • Iron Nerves
  • Scholar: English


  • Authority Figure
  • Irrational Hatred, Minor: Organized Military
  • Vulnerability, Loss, All Powers: Completely even lighting conditions

APs | Power Name | Linked? | FC | Notes
05 | “Shadow Field” (Darkness) | Auto | 7 | Blackout can generate a field of darkness through which no normal light can pass. Vision Powers requiring light are completely blocked, and the APs of Darkness used become the OV/RV of an Ultra Vision attempt to see through the Darkness. Volume equals {APs+5}, which can be shaped and centered any way Blackout desires so long as he is at its center (and so long as it’s within {APs used} total range). Max would theoretically be 1024 cubic feet of shadow spread through a 100yd radius.
Anyone (except Blackout) within the Darkness field has his AV and OV of all Physical Actions reduced by the APs of Darkness. Yes, this includes teammates!
Blackout tends to make 0AP diameter bubbles within the Darkness, centered around each of his teammates, so they can see what is in melee range of them before the enemy can see them.

06 | “Twilight Grasp” (Mind Drain) | Dice | 11 | This Power allows Blackout to drain energy (Mind APs) from his opponent and EITHER {add those RAPs to his own MIND, if he’s taken MIND damage already, to a maximum of his normal MIND stat} or {transfer the RAPS to one teammate as temporary BODY points, lasting as many rounds of combat as Blackout has APs of Mind Drain}. If more RAPs are drained from the opponent than are needed by the recipient, the entire RAPs are subtracted from the opponent’s MIND stat as damage but the extra points cannot be stored away.

03 | “Darkest Night” (Neutralize) | Dice | 03 | In an act of extreme concentration, Blackout can drain away the energy in an opponent’s body that fuels one of the opponent’s Powers. He cannot do anything else with his own powers, not even maintain a Darkness field as an automatic action. Make an Action Check with an AV/EV of the APs to be negated. RAPs are then temporarily subtracted from the opponent’s APs of the Power, and must be Recovered normally.

05 | Shade | Auto | 04 | Provides Blackout with protection from sudden changes in lighting conditions, such as the use of the Flash Power.

06 | “Shadow Grasp” (Snare) | Dice | 4 | Special effect: appears to be made from pieces of nearby shadows, including target’s own!
Entangle a target in rope-like bonds. APs used as AV/EV versus target’s Dex/Str. Positive RAPs indicate that the target has been caught in the Snare, and has his Dex (and Initiative!) reduced by the RAPs of the Snare Attack until he can break free.
If Blackout wishes the Snare to restrict the target’s movement (by enwrapping legs, wings, whatever), make a Trick Shot which grants a +2 Column Shift to the OV. A successful Trick Shot subtracts RAPs from both the target’s Dex and his movement speed.
In order to break free, a snared target must make a successful Str/Str versus RAPs/RAPs roll.

APs | Skill Name | Linked? | FC | Subskills/Notes
07 | Acrobatics | No | 06 | Climbing and Dodging only
05 | Animal Handling | No | 04 |
06 | Charisma | No | 06 | Intimidation may be his favorite, but he is skilled in all three
07 | Martial Artist | No | 06 | Style best described as “mixed martial arts”, a hodgepodge of brawling and various bits they’ve picked up throughout their career
07 | Medicine | No | 04 | First Aid and Forensics only
05 | Military Science | No | 06 | Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, and Tracking only
07 | Thief | No | 06 | Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth
07 | Weaponry | No | 03 | Firearms and Melee only

Gadgets are for lesser villains, generally speaking. Blackout has a nicely dramatic supersuit, complete with good steel-toed combat boots. He knows how to use a firearm but does not waste effort in carrying and maintaining one — if a weapon beyond his own ability is needed, he’ll simply take one from a nearby undeserving fool.


See the Wrecking Crew for the origins of this UNDEFEATED villain!


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