Genuis engineer turned professional thief


Bluejay’s battlesuit is light blue and white, with some black highlights: blue boots, torso, gauntlets, and helmet; white legs and arms; with various points of articulation and the like in black. The helmet leaves her lower face exposed, and has a bird-like crest. The suit’s wings, also light blue, are attached to her arms.

Out of her battlesuit, Lisa Anderson is a pretty woman, 5’7” tall with light brown hair cut just above her shoulders, and brown eyes. Thanks to her criminal career, she can afford to dress nicely, and does.


A disgruntled engineer, Bluejay stole the plans and prototype for the top secret flying battlesuit she’d been working on prior to getting fired. She doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone; all she wants is the money she feels her former employer prevented her from earning when they canned her project. Unfortunately for her, she’s also incredibly accident prone. She ends up hurting people even when she’s doing her absolute best not to. Her reputation is far fiercer than she is herself.

Like the other members of GRAB, Bluejay is in the supervillain game for the money. She feels life has treated her shabbily, and she intends to make up for it by stealing from people who have more than they need — banks, corporations, rich people, and so on. Although her suit carries some pretty heavy armaments, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone; she’ll stick to nonlethal attacks most of the time. She’s been known to fly injured people to the hospital after she accidentally hurt them. Bluejay is really upset about her reputation as a “dangerous supervillainess”; she knows she’s not really dangerous at all. But every time she tries to convince people she’s harmless, something goes wrong and the stories about her keep circulating. Not even membership in GRAB has helped.


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