Brass Cobra

Highly skilled Hammer Empire commando


Muscular, wiry man who typically wears a green with tan-gold trim body armor while in the field. The face and gas mask he wears is armor, a breathing filter, and contains a voice box device to assist him with speaking, since his vocal chords are damaged.


Brass Cobra is a highly trained martial artist and infiltration specialist for the Hammer Empire. While he holds the rank of Major, he usually works with a small squad or alone on most assignments.

While most of the Hammer Empire is rather strict with uniforms, certain members of high skill or renown are allowed some leeway in their uniform selection. Brass Cobra is one of those.

His past is clouded and obscured, so much so, that he is often a subject of investigation by other organizations such as the League of Shadows. Of what little is known is often unsubstantiated and possible rumor.

The only known piece of information that is fact, is that Maximus himself found Brass Cobra in the ruins of a monastery that had been attacked in the mountains of India. When Maximus arrived, he found Brass Cobra standing over his attackers: a mercenary unit of twelve specialists that had been hired to steal a particular statue from the temple. While the temple had been ruined, the monks survived as did the statue thanks to Brass Cobra.

Maximus was so impressed, he offered Brass Cobra the chance to locate who sent the mercenaries. The monk agreed and the pair put a stop to any chance of future attempted thefts. Since then, Brass Cobra has been a highly valued member of the Hammer Empire ever since.

Brass Cobra

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