Former soldier and thief turned AIM project


The suit appears to be an extensive and intricate set of power armor composed of jointed plates that can slide easily over a bodysuit of some kind. The helmet is a fully enclosed helmet with a mirrored faceplate that conceals Craig/CASTLE’s facial expressions. However, it does little to disguise any verbal insults, sarcasm or disdain he might show an opponent.


Craig Vandersnoot was a major in the US Army assigned as a liaison to NATO. His good looks, charming demeanor,master’s degree in political science, and takecharge attitude made him popular and respected, and before long he was put in command of a NATO research project to develop a light battlesuit for use by the military and law enforcement.

The project was going well under Vandersnoot’s supervision when his “moonlighting” came to light: he’d been working as a security consultant and troubleshooter for an unnamed organized crime group, accepting huge sums of money to funnel information their way. He even helped plan and execute crimes, applying his tactical knowledge to make the “missions” go as smoothly as possible.

Three MPs were sent to arrest Vandersnoot quietly so the press wouldn’t get wind of things. He killed all three of them, snuck back into the
research complex, and put on the battlesuit. Then he murdered every scientist and technician associated with the project, stole all the plans and specs, and trashed the lab. When he was done, he escaped from the facility with ease.

What he didn’t anticipate was that his “employers” had planned much of this all along. Advanced Idea Mechanics had been grooming Craig for their “Cybernetic Adaptive Lifeform” project – codenamed “CASTLE”.

With the suit engaged, the transformation process immediately began. It took only moments, before Craig Vandersnoot was merged with the armor itself. While the armor can be removed for short amounts of time, it is essentially acts as a second skin for him. The armor heals and protects him, and in return, the combination of human organic mind linked with an “learning algorithmic neural network” system makes CASTLE a formidable foe.

In combat, CASTLE has numerous abilities such as flight, and the ability to form ‘hard light’ shields. The suit itself is capable of reconfiguring itself to transform portions of itself into weapons or tools that CASTLE might need at that time. The catch, however, is that CASTLE requires the raw materials for doing this particular type of transformation. Usually this is whatever technological equipment that can be found nearby that the suit can quickly break down and reform.


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