Cheshire Cat

Teleporting martial artist master thief


Robert “Bob” Johanssen is a six feet tall, handsome, dark-haired man with an infectious smile and the body of an athlete who trains intensively. As Cheshire Cat, he wears a black gi-like top, with gold trim and a black sash, and black ankle-length pants and shoes. His fingerless gloves are black, and his half-face, cat-eared mask is black.


Cheshire Cat is a hand-to-hand combatant; he has no ranged attacks. His high (for a martial artist) strength gives him punching power and makes it easy for him to immobilize most opponents with his martial arts maneuvers.

Cheshire Cat is adept at using his teleportation in conjunction with his fighting skills. Besides simply teleporting right behind or next to someone to surprise them, he can rapidly teleport around to hit several people, “blink tele- port” rapidly around someone to hit them from unexpected angles or avoid their counterattacks, or quickly “mini-teleport” away from someone so they can’t hit back. However, his metabolism cannot tolerate having other people Teleport him; this causes him severe pain.

In addition to being able to teleport himself (sometimes over distances of up to 300 km), Cheshire Cat also has a limited power to open “teleportation gates” through which other people can travel. His gates aren’t a continuous-effect phenomenon; he can only keep one open for a second or two, just long enough for someone to use it. Through diligent practice, he’s increased his ability to the point where he can move someone as heavy as Black Diamond through his gate; in the future he hopes to extend the gate’s range and duration.

Cheshire Cat is usually the most violence-prone member of GRAB. He doesn’t want to kill or seriously injure anyone — after all, he’s in this for the money! — but he has no objection to administering a good beating to his enemies. He particularly likes to defeat other superpowered martial artists to prove he’s better than they are.

Cheshire Cat is also a little bit of a skirtchaser. He doesn’t hit on his teammates, since that could make things awkward, but he’s not above making a pass at a superheroine who catches his eye.

Cheshire Cat

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