Clock King

Brilliant, yet mad, inventor bent on revenge


A thin, wiry man, William Tockman Fugate doesn’t bother with flashy clothing or other such attire. Instead, he prefers brown tweed suits, white shirts, a brown bowler hat and of course a brass pocket watch and round spectacles.


Being told he had six months to live, the brilliant inventor William Tockman Fugate devised a new, revolutionary type of timer for artificial hearts through an intense time and motion study of time and how it interacts with the physical form. In this way, he felt this would allow his sister to pay for a transplant and be taken care of when he passed on.

However, before he could realize any profits from it to pay for his sister’s transplant surgery to save her life, his backer, Lex Luthor, used a legal loophole to appropriate the ‘Fugate Heart’ for LexLabs use. William Fugate’s sister died in his arms, her transplant having gone to yet another corporate billionaire magnate who used his influence to move himself up the chain of donors. Shortly after her death, he learned that he did not have six months to live. There was a mix up in paperwork, it seems the hospital that diagnosed him had a mix up due to a clerical error which was the fault of the records company that the Hospital used. William Fugate never had been terminally ill.

Overcome with grief, William threw himself into a deeper study of time. He intended to invent a working time machine. To some degree, rumor has it that he succeeded and attempted to go back to save his sister. Since the death of his sister was the catalyst for the invention, no matter what he attempted, she still died. Mind near the breaking point, grief became rage, then revenge. Armed with an uncanny ability for precision timing, he destroyed much of his notes, then threw himself into intense physical study in numerous forms of martial arts and acrobatics. After several years of near-obsessive study where he has mastered several disciplines, he turns his attention towards the subject of his rage: billionaire corporate playboys, CEOs and mega-corporations.

Clock King

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