Dr. Xerxes Cadmus

"Dr. X", Man of multiple faces


With black hair, hazel eyes, and a thin build, Dr. Xerxes Cadmus is well-spoken, charming, and gives every indication of being a genuinely nice guy.

And he is, to a point. Because looks can be deceiving. Dr. Cadmus, or “Dr. X” as he’s called in Boston and London circles, is an international thief and criminal. His skills in theft, acting and similar traits make him an accomplished thief.

It’s his powers that make his extremely dangerous.

Dr. Cadmus suffered a lab accident some time back, having to undergo an experimental stem cell treatment. This restored his health, but also granted him shapeshifting powers. Enough to allow himself to appear as other people – provided they were his approximate same size and build. In addition, he found he could generate temporary clones of himself. These “other me’s” as he calls them, are silicon based and have the density of ballistic gel. Which allows them to pass for real humans under brief inspection. Closer inspection will reveal the truth. They only last a short time, and when that time is expired, they dissolve back into a dry silicon form – aka fine grain sand.

Dr. Xerxes Cadmus

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