five-foot-tall leopard-woman product of unwilling science


Dex: 11 | Str: 03 | Body: 06
Int: 05 | Will: 05 | Mind: 07
Inf: 10 | Aura: 08 | Spi: 06
Init: 28 | Wealth: 03 |HP: 0


  • Iron Nerves | +2 CS to my OV/RV vs Aura of Fear, Phobia, or any Intimidation attempt
  • Leadership | may automatically transfer her own Hero Points in any amount desired to any member of a team which she commands. Transferred HP can be used for anything except character growth.
  • Lightning Reflexes | +2 to Initiative (already added)
  • Physics Scholar | -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for Laws of Physics (theory)
  • Scholar (Gesture Code visual language)
  • Scholar (French / better at listening or reading than she is at speaking, and her accent is weird)
  • Sharp Eye | -1 CS to OV of Perception Checks


  • Distinctive Appearance | obviously nonhuman but not necessarily causing a fearful reaction; +1 CS to OV when trying to use Persuasion and -1 CS to OV when trying to Intimidate
  • Minor Irrational Fear | when first confronted with any laboratory, or the Infinity Incorporated logo; must roll greater than/equal to 5 to overcome my fear and interact normally, otherwise run away or cower
  • Minor Rage | mindless killing attack on roll of less than/equal to 3; to regain composure, must roll greater than/equal to 11
  • Mistrust | NPCs, especially strangers who are Heroes or law enforcement, and the general public are automatically Hostile
  • Serious Irrational Attraction | to destroying the director of the project who mutated the II victims; must roll greater than/equal to 11 to continue with whatever I’d been doing
  • Traumatic Flashbacks | when triggered, roll greater than/equal to 11 or frozen

APs | Power Name | Linked? | FC | Notes
05 | Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent | no | 4 | Dice
16 | Claws | no | 1 | Dice
07 | Empathy | no | 4 | Dice; Area Effect (one eighth of a mile)
09 | Regeneration | no | 8 | Auto (but Recovery Checks are Dice Actions)
05 | Ultravision | no | 1 | Auto
03 | Mind over Matter | no | 1 | Auto; drop unconscious at end of APs of time even if Recovered above 0
04 | Damage Transference | no | 5 | Auto; always takes one minute; make a roll {APs healed vs Int/Mind}, RAPs become damage sustained by user
02 | Extra Limb (tail) | no | 4 | Auto
05 | Directional Hearing | no | 3 | Auto; doesn’t increase distance of hearing, just pinpoints origin within range

APs | Skill Name | Linked? | FC | Subskills/Notes
11 | Acrobatics | Dex | 5 | Dice; all subskills
10 | Charisma | Infl | 2 | Dice; Intimidate only
02 | Charisma | no | 4 | Dice; Persuade only
03 | Military Science | no | 6 | Dice; Cartography, Danger Recognition, Field Command, Tracking only
02 | Scientist | no | 4 | Dice; Analysis only
11 | Thief | Dex | 2 | Dice; Stealth and Escape Artist only

Battery-operated Nailgun


(( OOC note: This is the original version of Jarissa. Online MMO versions are alternate universe retellings. ))

Feral’s Subplots

Jarissa is a mutate, kidnapped out of college and experimented upon and trained by employees of Infinity, Inc. With other experimental victims, she escaped from the Niagara facility, leaving destruction and bodies in their wake. II would absolutely like “their property” back. They’ve narrowed down at least two escapees’ location to the Metropolis area; the question now is why, in the years since, they haven’t actually made any serious attempt to recapture them.

Some of the II mental programming is still in place, despite a good bit of professional therapy. A lot of this mental programming was based in pure theory, and is therefore buggy. Rissa knows she has a death wish; she has it about 98% under control. She also knows that she was programmed with an obsessively protective focus on Thomas, and that it’s not very fair to Thomas — she doesn’t have it nearly well enough under control.

(By the way: she knows his real name. When he introduced himself to her, he said “Call me Silverwing”, and has never told her to call him Tom; now it’s a deeply-ingrained habit.)

Rissa has a much easier time seeing motion than she does seeing someone who’s being still. She can see motionless objects, it’s just not her first inclination.

Jarissa is married to BlackJack; they have a son, Grayson, now about eight years old. They’d planned to have several children, but when Grayson was just barely four, Jarissa miscarried a daughter, and it spooked her pretty badly. She’d known that her genetic sequence would be difficult to match with almost anyone else’s, but there’s a big difference between knowing this intellectually and experiencing one of the not-quite-viable results. Rissa is very quiet and sad every January. BlackJack tries to get her out of town for a busy, fun trip that week if he possibly can.

Feral owes Dr. Doom one favor. The conditions are that he has to understand and accept the fact that her programming sometimes physically prevents her from doing things, and that doesn’t always make sense. Everything else, officially speaking, is up for naming. (The world’s most powerful telepath might object to one of his minions being used for certain kinds of favors, and Dr. Doom respects Dr. Gironde and his abilities enough to avoid an unnecessary war.)

Feral’s archnemesis is Stirge. She also has a complex comradery/rivalry/antagonistic relationship with part-time villain David Ironhorse, also known as “Puma”.

Not long after joining Wyldfire, Feral was exposed to a large amount of a drug called “SteelBreath”. It’s a mutagenic drug that’s instantly addictive, and withdrawal is fatal unless intensive medical care is provided throughout. Thanks to her regeneration, Feral survived withdrawal, but has been exposed at least twice to SteelBreath’s next formulation, “Silent Dreams”, and had to be painstakingly detoxified again in Wyldfire’s medical facility each time. It is reasonable to assume that she’s just as addicted if she ever encounters “Stardust” or “StarGate”, the latest two formulations of the series.

Paul and Stefani Venters, back in Nebraska, have been significantly more active in the faith-based anti-mutate movement ever since the disappearance and death of their only child. Their path hasn’t crossed with Wyldfire’s. Yet. Jarissa hopes they never do. They may have had a late-in-life child, but since Rissa can’t bear to look up any part of her pre-II life, she wouldn’t have any clue about that. Rissa doesn’t much talk about those days, and uses her married surname when not being Feral, but anyone with access to her original Infinity, Inc. files might have her name and location of collection, and be able to trace back to the identity of her relatives.

Rissa was not able to speak for a while after her rescue. She had scar tissue around her spine, between her shoulder blades, that kept the signals from the speech center of her brain from getting to her vocal cords and mouth. When she tried to talk, unintelligible noises came out, plus it hurt a lot. Dr. Steven Reynolds surgically corrected the damage, removing the scar tissue under controlled conditions. Dr. Don Blake has worked with Rissa on physical therapy to recover normal muscle activity in the muscles around her spinal column and the speech-related muscles. Rissa can talk now. She is out of the habit of doing so, and often drops words or switches to non-verbal communication instead.
She can write. Her handwriting is pretty bad, and she will skip any words she thinks she can possibly leave out, but that is a feline eyesight problem that she has always had, not a result of Mr. Sinister’s control mechanisms.

Feral has PTSD from her time in Mr. Sinister’s control. She has violent reactions to anything that a quick glance might interpret as the pronged control boxes, or something being attached to another person’s back.
Like the Drawback “Psychological Instability”, the PTSD is triggered by rolling double ones on any Dice Action. Also like “Psychological Instability”, a Character undergoing the PTSD must experience this effect and is not subject to any form of powered assistance (Exorcism, Recovery, burning Hero Points, et cetera). The full effect will last 10 APs of time — however, that includes coming down off the PTSD episode. If the Character makes a Will/Will roll (must roll at least an 11), she can begin sorting reality from her perceptions again, calming down; but she will spend the rest of her “full effect” period exhausted and on edge. Reduce all subsequent Int and Will checks by -2 Column shifts. An ally can make a Persuasion attempt as a Teamwork effort to help the Character succeed in her Will roll.
(This is a Subplot because it is not a permanent Disadvantage. It will be removed at the conclusion of the Subplot.)


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