Of the entire team, Hailstorm is the least fond of his powers. He frequently goes for simple solutions, such as ice throwing daggers, rather than complicated ones such as ice bullets. Don’t think he lacks imagination! He merely prefers to avoid making a flamboyant gesture.

He also, you may note, does not have “Ice Production” as described in the book. If he has the potential within him, he’s ignoring it — winters at home get plenty cold and miserable enough!

All of Hailstorm’s ice creations will melt after APs of time equal to the amount of Power APs used to create them, unless Heatwave makes a point of cleaning them up sooner.

Villain Identity: Hailstorm
Motivation: Mercenary
Revision Date*: 05/22/2012

Dex: 06 | Str: 04 | Body: 07
Int: 06 | Will: 05 | Mind: 07
Inf: 05 | Aura: 03 | Spi: 05
Init: 17 | Wealth: 07 | HP: 50


  • Area Knowledge: home town in Vlatava
  • Iron Nerves
  • Scholar: English


  • Authority Figure
  • Irrational Hatred, Minor: Organized Military
  • Vulnerability, Loss, All Powers: Exceptionally warm and/or dry air

APs | Power Name | Linked? | FC | Notes
08 | Cold Immunity | Auto | 4 | does what it says on the tin: Hailstorm can protect himself against cold weather conditions or cold-based attacks. He’d just as soon not have to.

09 | “Hail” (Projectile Weapons) | Dice | 01 | Note: Diminishing (-1 FC), Fatiguing (-2 FC), Area Effect 3AP Radius (+1)
Very seldom used because of the danger to the team, Hailstorm got his code name for his ability to generate a continuous barrage of swirling ice pellets that spiral outward from his ice-covered body for a few torrential minutes. Multi-attack penalties do not apply, nor does friendship or much of anything else except distance and shelter. Fortunately the APs of attack diminish 1 AP for every AP of distance from Hailstorm; not so fortunately, that still puts every target at the edge of the storm facing 6 APs of icy shrapnel every round until they escape or he passes out.

05 | Icing | Auto | 05 | Icing allows Hailstorm to cover himself with a sheet of ice and not incur any damage. The APs of Icing are added to his RV against ice-, cold-, or impact-based attacks. Against fire- or heat-based attacks, he would suffer a -2 Column Shift modifier to his RV, long before which he and Heatwave are trying to switch places.
APs of Icing may also be substituted for Hailstorm’s EV when making hand-to-hand attacks.

07 | “Hail Blast” (Projectile Weapons) | Dice | 03 | Hailstorm can create ice shrapnel from thin air, provided he’s not within 1 AP of Heatwave. (That’s why they like to play “Cossack In The Middle” when they Team Attack a single opponent.) Technically the shards may be generated from anywhere on his body, but he tends to form the spray from his cupped hands, hadoken-style.

05 | “Ice Shield” (Force Shield) | Auto| 5 | Hailstorm can create a shield of ice which provides protection from Physical Attacks. (Note: Either Ice Shield OR Icing count for Hailstorm’s personal defense, not both!) Anyone protected by his Force Shield has the APs of Power added to his RV against Physical Attacks. The shield is roughly circular in shape, possesses an approximate diameter of four feet, and can be projected up to 100 yards away if Hailstorm needs to protect a distant teammate.

APs | Skill Name | Linked? | FC | Subskills/Notes
06 | Acrobatics | No | 06 | Climbing and Dodging only
05 | Animal Handling | No | 04 |
07 | Charisma | No | 06 | Intimidation may be his favorite, but he is skilled in all three
07 | Martial Artist | No | 06 | Style best described as “mixed martial arts”, a hodgepodge of brawling and various bits they’ve picked up throughout their career
07 | Medicine | No | 04 | First Aid and Forensics only
06 | Military Science | No | 06 | Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, and Tracking only
08 | Thief | No | 06 | Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth
06 | Weaponry | No | 03 | Firearms and Melee only

Gadgets are for lesser villains, generally speaking. Hailstorm has a nicely dramatic supersuit, complete with good steel-toed combat boots. He knows how to use a firearm but does not waste effort in carrying and maintaining one — if a weapon beyond his own ability is needed, he’ll simply take one from a nearby undeserving fool. Hailstorm also has a knockoff Gameboy.


See the Wrecking Crew for the origins of this UNDEFEATED villain!


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