Villain Identity: Heatwave
Motivation: Mercenary
Revision Date*: 05/22/2012

Dex: 07 | Str: 03 | Body: 06
Int: 06 | Will: 06 | Mind: 06
Inf: 04 | Aura: 04 | Spi: 03
Init: 17 | Wealth: 07 | HP: 50


  • Area Knowledge: home town in Vlatava
  • Iron Nerves
  • Scholar: English


  • Authority Figure
  • Irrational Hatred, Minor: Organized Military
  • Vulnerability, Loss, All Powers: Cold or highly pressurized air/atmosphere

APs | Power Name | Linked? | FC | Notes
08 | Flame Immunity | Auto | 4 | Heatwave can protect himself against fire and heat-based attacks. It’s not quite “Flame Being” but it will do.
06 | Flame Control | Dice | 06 | Heatwave can control the intensity and spread of already-existing flames. Each phase, one of the following effects is possible:
Increase or decrease the intensity of a volume of flame. (The GM should flip the white book open to pp. 55 and 106 for details, if the Cool Rule doesn’t make the analysis easy.)
Heatwave could instead simply move a volume of flame.
04 | “Heat Exhaustion” (Energy Blast) | Dice | 03 | Heatwave can fire a bolt of concentrated heat from any particular part of the body, though he almost invariably uses one of his hands.
08 | “Heat Shield” (Reflection/Deflection) | Dice | 05 | Special Effect: a shimmering oval of superheated air, like a giant intangible lens, MIGHT be spotted if someone is paying attention! Increased Range (+1 FC)
Excluding any normal hand-to-hand combat blows, Heatwave can deflect incoming Physical Attacks. Doing so uses up his Movement and Dice Actions for the phase.
Make an Action Check of the power versus the APs of the incoming attack. Positive RAPs indicate the attack is automatically deflected away! Heatwave then has the option, and almost always takes it, to Reflect this attack to the original attacker. Use the RAPs from the first check as the AV/EV, stopping of course at an upper limit of the original APs of the attack.
Heatwave can project his lens just as far away from himself as he can see up to a quarter of a mile, so he can use it to protect a teammate instead of himself, but it still uses up his action and movement for that phase.
05 | Pyrotechnics | Dice | 3 | Heatwave can, with concentration, accelerate a target’s molecular motion. So long as he is not using any of his other abilities, nor distracted, he can increase that molecular motion to the point where the target becomes uncomfortably hot, and possibly to the point where the target bursts into flames.
04 | “Infravision” (Thermal Vision) | Auto | 01 | It’s infravision. Items are blurry and lack detail, but that beats not seeing them at all.

APs | Skill Name | Linked? | FC | Subskills/Notes
06 | Acrobatics | No | 06 | Climbing and Dodging only
05 | Animal Handling | No | 04 |
07 | Charisma | No | 06 | Intimidation may be his favorite, but he is skilled in all three
07 | Martial Artist | No | 06 | Style best described as “mixed martial arts”, a hodgepodge of brawling and various bits they’ve picked up throughout their career
07 | Medicine | No | 04 | First Aid and Forensics only
06 | Military Science | No | 06 | Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, and Tracking only
08 | Thief | No | 06 | Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth
08 | Weaponry | No | 03 | Firearms and Melee only

Gadgets are for lesser villains, generally speaking. Heatwave has a nicely dramatic supersuit, complete with good steel-toed combat boots. He knows how to use a firearm but does not waste effort in carrying and maintaining one — if a weapon beyond his own ability is needed, he’ll simply take one from a nearby undeserving fool. Heatwave also has a high-end Kindle, hacked to use a stolen account, on which he likes to load audiobooks.


See the Wrecking Crew for the origins of this UNDEFEATED villain!


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