Huli Jing

Thief and infiltration specialist for the Golden Lotus


Short, thin and wiry, with an accomplished dancer’s sense of balance and motion, Huli Jing (“The Fox”) is often seen in her trademark brown-red bodysuit, fox mask and fox tail.

Away from the suit, she is an unassuming Chinese woman with short black hair and a quick smile.


Highly experience martial artist. Uses mental illusion to conceal herself (except for her shadow) or combines it with performance acting to mimic others. Also uses smoke bombs and alchemy powders to mimic Energy Blast (fire), Ice Production, etc.

Most often, she is called in by the Golden Lotus to either steal an object or item they need – or want – but don’t wish to actually pay for. Alternatively, she is their ‘recovery and extraction’ specialist as well; she has rescued many Golden Lotus leaders when they have found themselves in precarious positions with law enforcement.

Huli Jing

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