Shrinking mutant thief with mental powers


Hummingbird is a pretty twenty-something girl with shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a trim, attractive figure. Her normal costume consists of tight green pants, a green top that bares her midriff, nothing on her arms, short gold gloves, and gold boots — but sometimes she changes the color scheme around, just for fun. She doesn’t wear a mask.


Hummingbird is a mutant with the power to shrink her body down to about 2.5 inches tall. When she shrinks, her cells become extremely compact, which makes her resistant to damage. The compaction also somehow strengthens her brain cells, giving her mental powers (she may develop additional ones in time).

She can also use the residual energies from reducing her size to fly. Most of Hummingbird’s powers are Linked to her Shrinking. The more shrinking she uses, the more adept and powerful she becomes with her Mental Blasts, Mind Control, and Flight. Flight manifests itself as a purple-pinkish aura that resembles wings. It’s presumed the wings is merely her subconscious imagination at work.

She usually Shrinks down as small as she can go. Hummingbird dislikes combat intensely and will avoid it if at all possible. If she can’t, she’ll dodge quite often, or use cover to her advantage while she blasts away with her mental abilities.

Hummingbird isn’t a hardened criminal. She’s more of a young adult on a lark. She loves her powers and what she can do with them. She likes spying on people without being detected (she loves knowing peoples’ secrets), making people do whatever she wants, and getting whatever she wants without paying for it. She really isn’t into the whole self-sacrifice, devotion to the cause of good routine most heroes go in for; she’s essentially a selfish, petty, rather vain person who’d rather look out for herself than use her powers to help others.

Hummingbird’s villainous tendencies run strictly to the larcenous. She has no desire whatsoever to play nasty tricks on superheroes (okay, maybe a little prank or two every now and then), or to get in fights with them — or anybody else, for that matter. If someone pulled a gun on her, she’d probably freak out. This is really just a big game to her, something to do for kicks. In fact, she doesn’t always take things nearly seriously enough; she’s sort of an airhead, prone to ignoring planning meetings and other important details. Hummingbird gets along well with her team-mates, particularly Bluejay and (to a lesser extent) Black Diamond. She and Bluejay often go out shopping together.


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