Lady Alice Ptero

"Uplifted" Fruit Bat


Lady A stands five foot tall, and retains all physical aspects of a fruit bat, albeit proportionate to her size. Her fur is a dark brown with black highlights, and her eyes a wide black. She has a quick smile and a pleasant attitude in most any situation.

As a Knight, she wears a type of body armor that is made for her figure. In her civilian dress, she prefers bright colored scarfs, loose skirts and colorful blouses.


Lady Alice Ptero, or “Lady A” to her friends, is the resident thief and one of the resident scouts for the Knights of Wundagore. Like all the Knights, she believes in the ideals of chivalry and honor. Her approach to a thief often is more akin to “Robin Hood” than a pickpocket, a fact that her fellow Knights are well appreciative of.

Lady Alice Ptero

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