Nathan Bourne (Code Name: Chameleon; AKA Kitsune)

Photokinetic Secret Agent Posing As Vigilante


Hero Name: Kitsune
Alter Ego: Nathan Bourne (Codename: Chameleon)
Occupation: Safeguard/CIA Operative (Cover Occupation: State Department Employee assigned to the United States Mission To The United Nations)
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
DEX: 7 STR: 3 BODY: 8
INT: 7 WILL: 8 MIND: 7
ANNUAL INCOME: $300,000.00

Illusion 8 (Linked -2CS)
Energy Blast 8
Flash 5
Mind Blank 7 (Linked -2CS)
Iron Will 6
Shade 3
Ultravision 4

Acrobatics: Climbing and Gymnastics 5
Acrobatics: Dodge 7
Actor 7
Detective 5
Gadgetry 5
Martial Artist 7 (Linked -2CS,)
Military Science 4 (No Field Command -1CS,)
Thief 7 (Linked -2CS)
Vehicles 7 (Linked -2CS, No Space Vehicles -1CS,)
Weaponry 7 (Linked -2CS, No Exotic -1CS)

Connection, High: Safeguard
Medium Security Clearance
Low Connection: Detective Sarah Owens, NYPD
Low Connection: Detective Hirokuma Kozu, NYPD
Low Connection: Bruno, Blood Hellion
Scholar: The Intelligence Community
Scholar: Terrorists
Scholar: Arabic
Scholar: Chinese
Scholar: German
Scholar: Japanese
Scholar: Spanish
Scholar: Russian
Scholar: Spy Tech
Gadget – Kitsune Costume: Body 2, Skin Armor 2, Sealed Systems 2
Gadget – Swingline and Grapple [Str 5, body 6, line is 5 AP long: cost 25 points]

Archenemy: Rogue Agent Simon Kincaid
Dark Secret: Member of Safeguard
Fatal Vulnerability: Being subject to mental control powers
Fatal Vulnerability: Being subject to invasive mind probes
Flashbacks: To wife being killed when female ally is incapacitated by gunfire
Guilt: Over death of wife
Serious Irrational Fear: Invasive Mind Probes
Serious Irrational Hatred: Traitors to America


Nathan Bourne has spent most of his adult life protecting his country. He originally was recruited by the CIA straight out of college for his linguistic and theatrical talents. After his training in espionage tradecraft he quickly became one of their best agents, playing a major role in a number of successful operations. His skill at disguise and impersonation earned Nathan the codename Chameleon.

In 1984, during the Red October Affair, Bourne discovered his mutant powers. While he was onboard the Russian submarine, an undercover Political Office plant locked him in an airlock and proceeded to cycle in water. He survived only because the trauma of impending and unavoidable death in the watery dark triggered his latent photokinesis. With it, he was able to burn his way through the door and escape to neutralize his would be killer, thus ensuring the submarine’s defection was successful.

Keeping his powers a secret, Bourne continued in his career in the CIA, his new abilities making him even more effective. Shortly after the Red October defection he was assigned to a cell in Europe. Among his fellow agents was electronics specialist Samantha Vodel. In the beginning there was an attraction between them, and their time working together brought them closer.

Then, on a mission in East Berlin, Bourne encountered a Russian telepath from Project Rasputin who probed his mind. Bourne managed to eliminate him but not before he alerted the Stasi to their presence. It was this breach in operational security that caused the mission to fail, led to the deaths of two of his fellow agents, and almost cost Samantha’s life. Because of this heavy price, Bourne swore he’d take measures to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

He volunteered to undergo Process 17, an arduous regimen of mental training and hypnotic conditioning originally a product of the CIA’s Project MKULTRA. Its purpose is to inhibit the capacity for enemy telepaths to mentally interrogate or brainwash agents. It accomplishes this by two means. The first is by building up an agent’s ability to resist mental control and mind reading powers. The second is by conditioning the body to shut down under exposure to such treatment, thus preventing prolonged sessions of mind control or mind reading by threatening to kill the subject to prevent success as long as such activities are continued.

Another thing inspired by the failed mission was Nathan proposing to Samantha.
Having barely escaped with their lives on their last mission, they didn’t want to put off taking the final step in their relationship any longer. The two married after a short engagement and enjoyed two years of wedded bliss. Unfortunately for them, their happiness would not last forever.

It was on a mission in Bucharest that tragedy struck. They were supposed to rendezvous with another agent bearing the decryption keys to the newest Soviet military codes and extract them from the country. But it turned out the agent they were supposed to rendezvous with, Simon Kincaid, had decided to go rogue and sell the decryption keys to the Hammer Empire instead. He had set up an ambush at the rendezvous point to make it look like all three of them had been intercepted by the KGB and terminated.

In the subsequent ambush at the rendezvous point Samantha was killed. Nathan only managed to survive due to Kincaid being unaware of his photokinesis, thus leaving the ambushers totally for his abilities. Nathan blamed himself for being caught unaware at the rendezvous point and failing to save his wife. As for Kincaid, he went on to become a freelance operative who’d take on missions and train agents for whoever would pay him. Bourne resolved that one day he’d get revenge on him for both Samantha and his country.

In the aftermath of the botched retrieval mission Bourne found himself in some disfavor. Despite the fact that he survived to inform the agency that Kincaid had turned, partial responsibility for the mission failure was attributed to him for failing to retrieve the decryption keys from the rogue agent, due to the some of the people in charge of sniffing out potential traitors trying to use Bourne as a distraction to take the heat off of them.

Partly due to the above conclusion, along with the reorganization of the agency after the Cold War ended, Bourne ended up being transferred from being a Clandestine Service Operative to Language and Foreign Area Specialist. He went from working in the field to simply translation and analysis. But it turned out he was not destined sit on the sidelines forever. Shortly after the founding of Safeguard recruiters from the organization approached him. Glad to be useful once again to his country he immediately joined, and has been a member ever since.

Mutant Abilities: Nathan Bourne possesses the power of photokinesis, which allows him to generate and manipulate light to achieve various effects. Among them are realistic holograms, blinding flashes, lasers, and concussive “hard light” blasts. Due to his more energy efficient metabolism, he possesses enhanced vitality, which is reflected by his higher than human Body and a physique and appearance more youthful than his chronological age.

Nathan Bourne (Code Name: Chameleon; AKA Kitsune)

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