Monstrous enforcer of the Golden Lotus crime organization


Large brute with an almost reptilian hide


One of the more memorable lieutenants of the Golden Lotus, Oni is more of a brute force of nature than a cold, calculating member of a wide-spread crime organization.

A mutant born with a thick, reptilian hide and aggressive regenerative ability, Oni was taken in by the Golden Lotus as a prize pit fighter. However, his standing grew within the organization when he protected Madame Xiao from an assassination attempt funded by Frank Carlotti of the Carlotti Crime Cartel.

After this, he was taken from pit fighting and taught – slowly – the necessary skills to manage the local street gangs that work as foot soldiers for the Golden Lotus. During that time, he gained his own set of the infamous alchemy tattoos used by the Lotus. Due to his own natural mutation, the lightning tattoo only results in Oni being able to generate lightning at a touch range only.


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