Corporate Espionage specialist and environmentalist terrorist.


Real Name unknown

Phyltr was born with the ability to sense pollutants. The uncomfortable sensation only grew stronger with age. He could have been a one-man force for environmental improvement but he decided he alone could never do enough. At sixteen years of age he joined Greenpeace, at seventeen he drifted into the Earth Liberation Front, by nineteen he was active in raids claimed by the radical group “Earth First!”. Sometime in his early twenties he began putting out feelers to assemble a superpowered, much more aggressive group of saboteurs.

Instead he met Janice Lewis of Merriwether Corp. Whatever she told him, within weeks she had young Phyltr wholly devoted to her long-term plan. Under a false identity, he went to university in Europe for a very intensive environmental sciences degree, essentially studying his own abilities and how they interacted with the world on a macro as well as micro scale.

Merriwether Corp came to operate in New York City, just another one among thousands of startup companies in the Big Apple. Most of the industrial heavyweights did not even notice.

They sure noticed when Merriwether Corp tried to flood the city off the face of the map! If it had not been for Knight Thrasher’s interference, Merriwether Corp might have taken the entire city by surprise.

The company disappeared again after this incident, soundly defeated. Rumor has it that they may have gotten into worse trouble elsewhere. These are not, however, the kind of people to just give up — be watchful, for they will surely turn up again someday!


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