Hero Identity: Psypher ( for his female side, see Kabuki )
Supergroup/Team: The Trenchcoat Brigade
Character Name: Shingo Hideyori
Player Name: Tommy
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Revision Date: 1/12/2016

Dex:7 Str:2 Body:6
8 Will:7 Mind:7
Inf:6 Aura:5 Spi:5
Init:_23 Wealth:
0 HP: 431

Sharp Eye
_____ _____
Lightning Reflexes +2 to Initiative (already added)
_____ _____
Japanese Scholar -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for Japanese, spoken and kanji
_____ _____
Computer Scholar -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for using the Tokyo modern tech that’d come out just before he left

Dark Secret did not complete last mission because it was a frameup by Iga to kill the true last Prince
_____ _____
Exile, voluntary
_____ _____
Mistrust NPCs, especially strangers who are Heroes or law enforcement, and the general public are automatically Hostile
_____ _____
Serious Irrational Hatred: Iga Clan will drop everything in order to subdue/defeat/screw over any member of the Iga Clan or any Iga Clan plots, or even deface their symbols, on roll of less than/equal to 11
_____ _____
Secret Identity Ninja pretends he doesn’t exist at all; Shingo isn’t here legally. He just got off the boat.

APs Power Name Linked? FC Notes
10 Mind Blast no 1 Limitation: No Range. Limitation: Minor Burnout. This is the psychic knife. Dice power.
___ ______ __ __ _____
7 Mind Blank no 2 Limitation: Serious Burnout. Add the APs of Mind Blank to the RV against mind-reading and mind-scanning attacks such as Life Sense, Mind Probe, and Telepathy. Automatic power
___ ______ __ __ _____
2 Iron Will no 3 This Automatic power-in-training is meant to help resist all forms of Mental control Powers, including Broadcast Empath, Control, and Hypnotism. The APs of Iron Will are added to the RV versus such powers. It does NOT protect versus metal attacks such as Mind Blast.
___ ______ __ __ _____
3 Jumping no 2 Dice. You can jump up to 80ft horizontally or up to 40 ft vertically without straining.
___ ______ __ __ _____
5 Ultra Vision no 1 Auto. You can see at night or in the dark just as if it were daylight, possibly even see Invisible objects/people.

APs Skill Name Linked? FC Subskills/Notes
6 Acrobatics no 7 Dice; all subskills
___ ______ __ __ _____
6 Artist no 2 Dice; Actor (Disguise and cooking) only
___ ______ __ __ _____
6 Martial Artist no 6 Dice
___ ______ __ __ _____
6 Thief no 8 Dice; Escape Artist, Forgery, Locks and Safes, Pickpocket, Security Systems, and Stealth
___ ______ __ __ _____
7 Weaponry no 3 Dice; Melee Weapons and Missile Weapons only.
___ ______ __ __ _____
5 Military Science no 4 Dice; Danger Recognition and Tracking only

none yet

Power Burnout


From age five Shun has trained to be a Kohga Ninja. His skills have made him one of Mogydoni’s finer Shadow Warriors. He has gone to great pains to Honor his Clan with every mission he is sent one,and as with all Kohga has an irrational hatred for the Iga Clan. Shun is not an assassin, as this is not Feudal Japan. Shun is a information gatherer and does corporate espionage work. The character was forced to exile himself from his home in japan when he could not finish a mission.



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