Rebecca DuPree

One lawyer you do NOT mess with


Rebecca Dupree aka “Gremlin”

Dex: 6 Str: 9 Body: 6
Int: 8 Will: 9 Mind: 5
Infl: 8 Aura: 8 Spirit: 7
Init: 29
Wealth: 6
HP: +33


Lightning Reflexes, Scholar (law), Iron Nerves, Low-Connection (Oscorp. Norman does make genuine efforts to make up for the renegade lunatic employee did to her)


Public Identity (unable to hide her id as she is a lawyer AND has such a strange physical form),
Strange/Distinct Appearance (not that it actually bothers her. Her appearance:
Brownish red hair
Deep Green eyes
Gray-blue skin
Bat-like wings
VERY good muscle tone and shape
Stands 5’10 1/2


Flight (bat-like wings): 8,
Ice Production: 7,
Cold Immunity: 7,
Regeneration: 5


Martial Arts: 7, Weaponry (firearms): 2, Weaponry (melee): 4, Vehicles (land): 2, Gadgetry: 4, Weaponry (Gremlin/Goblin Gear): 7, Detective (legwork): 5, Medical Treatment (first aid): 4, Artist ( musician ): 3, Acrobatics: 7


Wraith smoke grenade [Body 2, Fog: 8] x 5

Electrobat [Body 4, Lightning: 4, Gliding: 2, Limitation: Lightning has No Range, Gliding only adds to throwing range.] x 5

ARMOR [Body 08, Energy absorption: 2, Lightning: 6, Note : Lightning is R#3]

Surveillance and recording equipment: binoculars, camera, and directional mike, all linked to recording device. Shielded against EMP attacks because I was not born yesterday.


Life for Rebecca DuPree has been a series of challenges. Struggles that have both refined her as a person, yet sharpened her character.

Shortly after entering college, she was abducted by Eugene Gaslin, a geneticist working for Oscorp’s medical division. Unknown to even Oscorp and the watchful eye of Norman Osborn, Eugene was obsessed with the ‘mutant condition’. He saw the genetic changes inherent in some people as not a curse, not a burden, but a resource to exploit! He was convinced if he could harness this … control this … it could be applied to everyone! There would be no ‘mutant vs human’. Anyone could have ‘tailor made’ abilities. Then no one would feel slighted or like a freak!

However, this meant he needed a subject … which was Rebecca. He subjected her to a series of experimental drugs. She nearly died during the course of his ‘treatment’. Gaslin’s treatments didn’t actually ‘harness’ or ‘isolate’ her abilities … they augmented them. Forcing a rapid evolutionary change in her that accelerated her powers to a large degree.

In the end she escaped with the help of the FBI and Oscorp security. Determined to protect others, she threw herself into her studies at law school with a frantic obsession. She graduated with very high marks, allowing her to work at the firm Crane, Poole, and Schmidt for a few years. She then took her leave and started her own practice.

To this day, she maintains a strained relationship with Oscorp – who wishes to find a way to make up for the damage done – while conducting her work against corporate excess and abuse. Quietly, in her spare time, she searches for the whereabouts of Eugene Gaslin, the insane researcher. For once taken in by the FBI, he was placed into the witness protection program for turning state’s evidence. Rebecca never felt this was good enough … the lunatic should serve his time for his crimes … not get a ‘get out of jail free card’.

Rebecca DuPree

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