Everything Riot has, power-wise, is limited to a range of 0 APs if not actually self-range or touch. On the other hand, he’s the party badass at melee combat, at least as far as dealing it out goes.

Villain Identity: Riot
Motivation: Mercenary
Revision Date: 05/22/2012

Dex: 08 | Str: 03 | Body: 05
Int: 07 | Will: 07 | Mind: 08
Inf: 05 | Aura: 03 | Spi: 03
Init: 20 | Wealth: 07 | VP: 50


  • Area Knowledge: home town in Vlatava
  • Iron Nerves
  • Scholar: English


  • Authority Figure
  • Irrational Hatred, Minor: Organized Military

APs | Power Name | Linked? | FC | Notes
07 | Energy Absorption | Auto | 05 | Riot can absorb damage from energy-related Physical Attacks. The energy absorbed is gradually dissipated through his system with no ill effect. He has to come into contact with the attack for the Power to function, which means no dodging; his APs of Energy Absorption are subtracted from the RAPs of the attack. If the damage inflicted exceeds his APs of Energy Absorption, the Power fails and he sustains full damage to his Current BODY.
If Riot wants to use Energy Absorption on more than one attack per phase, he has to split his total APs of Energy Absorption up between the attacks — he can’t get full protection for every assault.

05 | Paralysis | Dice | 2 | Note: No Range (-1 FC)
If Riot makes a successful Grappling attack, he may absorb all of their kinetic momentum for a short time, effectively paralyzing his opponent for RAPs phases. Once successful Grapple has been established according to the normal rules, roll the Paralysis APs versus the opponent’s normal Dex/Body.
A Paralyzed opponent may attempt to free himself early through an Action Check with AV/EVs equal to the opponent’s Str/Str versus the RAPs as OV/RV. When cumulative RAPs from this Action Check equal or exceed RAPs from the original attack, the opponent is released.

06 | Sonic Beam | Dice | 03 | Note: No Range (-1 FC)
Riot can generate an extremely short-range beam of sonic energy, which has the ability to shatter solid objects. Projection of a Sonic Beam against a living being is treated as a Physical Attack with an AV/EV equal to the APs of the Power. Inanimate objects will vibrate, crack, and finally shatter upon receiving damage equal to twice its Body.
If a Sonic Beam is directed against a Character using a hearing Power, the RV of the attack receives a speial -2 Column Shift modifier because the attack is especially painful.

APs | Skill Name | Linked? | FC | Subskills/Notes
07 | Acrobatics | No | 06 | Climbing and Dodging only
05 | Animal Handling | No | 04 |
07 | Charisma | No | 06 | Intimidation may be his favorite, but he is skilled in all three
09 | Martial Artist | No | 06 | Style best described as “mixed martial arts”, a hodgepodge of brawling and various bits they’ve picked up throughout their career
07 | Medicine | No | 05 | First Aid only
07 | Military Science | No | 06 | Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, and Tracking only
08 | Thief | No | 06 | Escape Artist, Locks and Safes, Security Systems, Stealth
07 | Weaponry | No | 03 | Firearms and Melee only

Gadgets are for lesser villains, generally speaking. Hailstorm has a nicely dramatic supersuit, complete with good steel-toed combat boots. He knows how to use a firearm but does not waste effort in carrying and maintaining one — if a weapon beyond his own ability is needed, he’ll simply take one from a nearby undeserving fool. Riot has a motorcycle back home but it’s not along on this mission.


see the Wrecking Crew for information on this UNDEFEATED villain!


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