Blond Biker with a big hammer


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Dex 06 | Str 08 | Bod 08
Int 06 | Wil 09 | Mind 04
Inf 04 | Aura 04 | Spirit 04

Initiative: 20
Hero Points: 22
Occupation: Evil Pounder
Motivation: Pounding Evil
Alter Ego: Don Blake
Wealth: 0


  • Weaponry (Melee Weapons) 08
  • Martial Artist 06
  • Vehicles (Land Vehicles) 06
  • Charisma: 04
  • Military Science (Danger Recognition, Tracking, survival) 03


  • Insta-Change
  • Iron Nerves
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Attractive


  • Alter Ego: Controllable
  • Mistrust
  • Minor Rage
  • Reverts to normal if away from hammer for 24 hours


Atomic Hammer
[Body: 09, EV: 05, Flight: 07, Lightning: 06, Flash: 05, Density Increase: 04, Shockwave

  • Lightning is Fatiguing
  • Lightning has Power Restriction: only trigerrable by a Star Chip
  • Density Increase is Always On.
  • Density Increase has Power Restriction: Will not work if within 5 APs of a Star Chip

The hammer is missing its backup control circuit.
((Still needed: stats on the new Shockwave ability.))

BODY: 09]


Don Blake

Dex 03 | Str 03 | Body 03
Int 04 | Will 05 | Mind 04
Infl 03 | Aura 04 | Spirit 04

Initiative: 10
Hero Points: 0

Occupation: Paramedic
Motivation: Upholding the GOod
Alter Ego: Thunderstrike
Wealth: 04


  • Medicine 07
  • Vehicles 05
  • Detective (Police Prodecdures, clue analysis) 04 (fc 4)
  • Charisma (Persuasion) 04
  • Martial arts (kryptonian) 05
  • Scientist (Analysis) 03 (fc 4)


  • Insta-Change
  • Scholar (Thanagarian What’s it)
  • Scholar Language Thanagarian


  • Alter Ego: Controllable
  • Secret Identity

H2. Equipment

Thanagarian medical disk and language software



Subplots: general

Thunder Strike has limited knowledge of his past as his memories were wiped out by star labs and Project U.S.(Ultimate Soldier}.

Don Has A DATE!!!!! with Ursa Non.

Thunder has seen images of whom he believes is his mother and a dude named Loki he doesn’t remember but gives him the creeps.This led to a memory saying he was her last best hope…you are my greatest creation my son…and i know you will do what is right. That being said,Thunder wants to know more…a need has awakened that wasn’t there before when he thought it was just he and Don against the world.

Lex Luthor has a tape of Thunder killing six of his bodyguards.

S.T.A.R Labs wants Thunder and Don back and have been trying to find them ever since they broke free.

The Nemesis Subplot Collection

(It’s like Pokemon, apparently.)

  • Clockwork King
    SubPlot : Life before Don


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