Tales of Justice

...on a rooftop not far from the Brass Buddha restaurant …

Meanwhile, on a rooftop not far from the Brass Buddha restaurant …

A lone figure separated from the shadows of rooftop air conditioning units. Lithe and graceful, Mercedes “Mercy” Graves moved like a black cat along the gravel roof. She made little sound while she shifted to a new sitting position. The woman reached out to adjust a control on the apparatus in front of her: a combination whisper microphone and sniper camera pointed at a restaurant three buildings away. She looked once more through the lens. However, she had already seen what she needed, this was a precaution just in case something unexpected happened. It was New York after all. Another moment slipped by, and she tapped a concealed bluetooth ear-piece.

South of New York, in Metropolis, a phone rang once.

“Colby Investments, how may I help you?” The receptionist was an even mix of pleasant, yet bored. It was as if this was the highlight of his day, aside from a cold cup of coffee.

Mercy voice brightened; her vapid tone a mismatch for the rest of her. “Hi, yeah, I need to check in on my, uhm, y’know, account? Could I speak with someone, please?”

“Certainly,” the young man replied. “A moment please.”

There was a click sound. Not a loud click, but one so soft that it resembled the usual tick of a poor cell phone connection.

“Connection secured,” the young man confirmed. He hung up as the call transferred.

“Yes?” A deeper voice asked.

Mercy cleared her throat. “The secondary meeting was at the Brass Buddha restaurant. James Bertelli arrived with two bodyguards, and identified the items as fakes. No id on the Chinese woman or her driver yet who brought the fakes to the meeting.”

“Interesting. Did the Golden Lotus present any problems? They do lay claim to that part of Chinatown.”

“No, none. League of Shadows, yes. They arrived after a local group of vigilantes that call themselves the Knight’s Vigilant did. GRAB also was here. The Knight’s Vigilant seemed interested in the items and Mr. Bertelli. The fight almost knocked the restaurant to the ground. Looks like SpectorCorp’s construction crew will be putting in some major overtime.”

“Indeed? And the staff, was it recovered?”

“I’ve eyes on the League of Shadow’s courier who has it.”

The man on the phone sounded pleased. “Wonderful. Detain the courier. Recover the main housing of the staff. Replace it if possible, or arrange a ‘technological mishap’ if not. Remember, it must appear as if the Golden Lotus took offense to the courier’s travel plans.”

Mercy looked through the sniper lens. A single figure had slipped away from the Brass Buddha restaurant and scaled a nearby building. Dressed in a loose, wrap around, hooded tunic and trousers, he almost blended in with the weathered Chinatown skyline. She recognized him as a League of Shadows’ assassin, or in this case, a courier. She granted herself a small, feral grin.

“Consider it done. What about the gem or crystal in the staff?”

“Unimportant to the goal, and most likely a perfect natural distraction to the local hero community. Oh, and Mercy?”


“Excellent work so far. The jet will be waiting at the usual location when you’ve recovered the staff’s housing.”

Mercy’s feral grin widened. “Thank you, sir. I’ll have another report within the hour.”

The line clicked, and the call ended. Lex Luthor closed the leather case on his secured cell phone. He reached over and picked up a squat glass from atop a thin, wooden cabinet. Lex swirled the golden liquid in the glass tumbler before he took a small sip. After a moment’s thought, he walked back into his library.

Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson looked up from the blueprints sprawled over one table.

“Problems?” His rough voice grated over the word.

Lex blinked and glanced at the mercenary. His thoughts snapped back to the moment. “Ah, no. Just considering some information I’ve learned.” When Slade raised the eyebrow over his good eye, Lex Luthor nodded. “SpectorCorp and Knights Vigilant.”

“Ah.” Was Deathstroke’s initial reply. “The first is somewhat interesting, the second not as much.”

“Oh?” Lex set his glass tumbler down on the table before he folded his arms over his chest. “How so?”

Slade glanced down at the blueprints, then back over to Lex with a small shrug. “SpectorCorp is run by a guy I ran across a few times. Mark Spector. Mercenary, or at least was. Bad man in his own way. I think there might even be some outstanding warrants in parts of South America for him over accusations of ‘grave robbery’. It seems they take it personal if you walk out of their country with some of their ancient history you dig up. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you really are to blame. Anyway, word was he semi-retired and started his own company.”

“Understandable, and the Knights Vigilant?”

“Local New York vigilantes,” Slade said with a smirk. “They deal with street crime most of the time. Every so often they land something serious. Like that fiasco of a science expo Stark Enterprises put on. They were wrapped up in that.” Deathstroke shook his head. “I’m surprised they’ve not wound up in the hospital by now.”

Lex, however, did not smile. “I remember that expo. There was something about a scientist with some questionable approaches towards a ‘singularity generator’ or similar nonsense. What was his name? Cavendish?”

“That’s the one,” Slade replied.

“Wonderful. Once we’re done with our current project, I’d like for you to find him, and recover him from whatever hole he’s locked in. The usual retrieval fee of course. Remember, he’s only any good to me if he’s alive, and willing to freelance.”

Slade grinned. It bore a remarkable resemblance to a hungry, one-eyed wolf. “That’ll be no problem. I needed a weekend project anyway. Now, what about this?” He gestured to the blueprints.

Lex scowled at the diagrams. “Simple. They’ve taken a winged mutant. We take him back, get him medical attention, then send him on his way home.”

“And the aliens?”

“The Kryptonians are an invasive species,” Lex explained. “When a gardener finds an invasive plant in his garden, he pulls it out by the roots. So we pull this weed out by the roots. They need to learn, aliens have no place here. Earth is for humanity and all its rich variety from normal to mutant. We convince them to leave, or we ‘convince’ them.”

Slade’s chuckle was full of dark promise. “That works for me.”

Burdened with a Great Purpose, Part II
Truth and Consequences

Greetings True Believers!

You made it! Great! Luckily, so did our heroes!

What could possibly be so important to AIM, Cobra and the Hammer Empire? After all, its only some old artifacts, right?

And why make so many duplicates? Sounds like someone was planning on double crossing someone … but who?

And what of Loki an the League of Shadows? We know the League hasn’t turned a new leaf, but has Loki? What is he up to? Is this another of his mysterious plans? Or does he really need help?

So many questions, so few answers … and so little time!

Lets peek in on our heroes and see what they’ve figured out so far!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Moon Knight

Burdened with a Great Purpose

Greetings True Believers!

New York! The city where anything could happen … and often does!

But we can’t waste a second sightseeing! At this very moment, our heroes – the Knights Vigilant – are in hot pursuit of the Disco Gang and their stolen Egyptian bangles!

That’s not all, two days before Star Labs in New York reported a theft of Egyptian artifacts as well! But those weren’t the Disco Boys or Disco Girls … but the Golden Lotus? What would Cobra and AIM find interesting about that?

It seems they’re all doing the sand dance!

And what has any of that got to do with Loki teleporting through Central Park as if a wolf is snapping at his heels?

Looks like were going to get some straight answers this time, True Believers! Lets see what happens!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Moon Knight

The Fast and the Madman

Greetings True Believers!

Hi there True Believers! Our heroes really took aim on the bad guys that time! But Loki’s message, what could it mean?

I don’t know, but our heroes might … but where did they go?

Mr. Sinister jumped through a swirling mass of energy, a portal to … somewhere else!
That somewhere else is another place where things aren’t exactly as they seem. They are certainly not what I remember! It’s more dangerous, more ruthless, possibly one of the most dangerous places anyone would ever find themselves.

And THAT is where our heroes are!

So take a leap of faith with me True Believers! Lets see how our heroes will solve this one in what has to be one of the stranger adventures they’ve had!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!



… and a special mystery guest!

A Dish Served Cold, part II
The Empire Strikes Back?

Greetings True Believers!

While our heroes strike an uneasy balance between the needs of the many, the needs of the Hammer and the needs of Loki … whatever THOSE are … a lone truck stirs up dust in the Coyote Canyon area.

What would Martin Prinz – otherwise known as Amythyst – be driving a Phoenix Industries truck this far out here? Its just a routine transportation job … if so … why a Hammer Empire scout hurrying to tell the rest of his team and their new allies?

What I want to know True Believers … did anyone notice those tumbleweeds change direction and head towards the truck?

Saddle up, True Believers! Looks like this is about to take the high road to some hot times!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


With Loki, Safeguard, and Thunderstrike allied with Hammer Empire, will they make it inside the AIM base to recover the missing children and get to the bottom of what is going on AND assist Amythyst also?

A Dish Served Cold

Greetings True Believers!

Welcome Back! I’m glad to see you made it!

Can you believe what happened? A riot at The Vault? Loki stealing from the League of Shadows, double crossing Hammer Empire and then planning to double cross his new – perhaps now ‘former’ – allies all to save someone in danger? He says that was all he planned, but can Loki really be trusted? Or has he really taken AIM on bigger targets?

It all sounds very Sinister to me, True Believers!

Where will this all lead? Well strap in, hang tight, and lets find out!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


With Loki detained, he gives the heroes information that leads them to a location in the New Mexico Mesa Verde region where a hidden AIM base is. Loki doesn’t know the exact location, he only knows it is in in the Coyote Canyon area.

The heroes must deal with the inhabitants of the AIM base to recover the kids and all the stolen items.

Three Card Loki

Greetings True Believers!

An explosion rocks the Quabbin Reservoir region! Dozens were hurt, but only three items were stolen? Then Hammer Empire arrived to rescue the trapped people … then leave? Meanwhile, the Vault’s alarms sound! There’s an escape … but a shimmering field suddenly renders all inmates and guards asleep? In Metropolis, at the Da Vinci exhibit … three children are abducted when they tried to stop three exoskeleton-powered thieves from stealing one of Da Vinci’s notebooks?

What a mess!

All this and more have brought Wyldfire and Safeguard together again! But what does it all mean?

Don’t bail out yet, True Believers! Our heroes may have a tough time of this one!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


With an unusual break-in to a concealed Safeguard lab, a strange field ‘silencing’ the Vault, and Loki being unwilling to talk to anyone except Thunderstrike Safeguard and Wyldfire must team up to unravel the puzzle of who or what is behind the thefts, and what has happened to Jeremy Ballard, Brian Tanner and Susie Dolefin when they were abducted while trying to stop the theft in Metropolis?

Racing Time

Greetings True Believers!

What a week its been! Commandos in mysterious black high-tech armor appeared through the Metropolis Stargate! A team of Earth and New Krypton researchers rescued Boston from a radioactive meteorite!

Wait … you didn’t hear about any of that?

Well, of course not! Safeguard works hard so you don’t have to!

And now, Safeguard is at it again …

Recently captured meta-agents of the mysterious corporation known only as Infinity Incorporated have started dying while in Safeguard care. To save the last three, Safeguard enlists the help of Wyldfire as they try to locate a cure inside an isolated laboratory in the Canadian wilderness. The prisoners have less than five hours to live … will they make it in time?

They could be skating on thin ice here, True Believers! But don’t let that chill your resolve, hang in there and lets see what happens!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Only a week after the Project Warwolf serum safe arrived Quabbin Resevior Lab, the captive agents of Infinity Incorporated began to abruptly suffer fatal and mysterious health problems. Only quick thinking managed to stabilize the last three team members. In exchange for their lives, the ‘Delta’ of the three reveals an encryption signal to Safeguard. Using this, they are able to trace down a hidden lab in the Canadian wilderness.

They need to get in and look for a possible cure. Only one problem: they can’t operate openly. So they call in another favor with the Wyldfire team to provide them with a little transportation help…

When it absolutely, Positively needs to get there
A Wyldfire - Trenchcoat Brigade Crossover

Greetings True Believers!

What a beautiful warm day for a drive through Massachusetts! White clouds in the sky, the sun shining overhead, a cool breeze through the grass, why it’s like a postcard come to life!

But everything may not be as it seems, True Believers! Riding on that interstate is our hero Thunderstrike, and not far behind him is Amethyst behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler. They’re driving north, but why? There is nothing in that part of Massachusetts but timberland and a reservoir. What could they be hauling? And why is there a black car following discreetly behind them with two agents of Safeguard in it?

Could it be related to the three Hammer Empire labs that were discovered in New York by the Knights Vigilant? Our heroes did pick up the truck, trailer, and serious traveling companions in New York. And do our heroes know … they’re being followed?

But don’t let it drive you to distraction! The answers to this and more are heading your way, True Believers!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Following the events in New York, Safeguard assigns three agents to work with two agents of Wyldfire in transporting a half-truck load of Hammer Empire serum dubbed: Project Warwolf.

The team is to deliver the cargo to “Dana” at the Quabbin Reservoir. This is a coded reference to the submerged town in the reservoir. It is actually a Safeguard Research, Storage and Disposal facility.

Safeguard has never had samples of untainted Project Warwolf serum, and certainly never had this much. They want to get some for study and dispose of the rest.

At the same time, Hammer Empire has sent a team to destroy the serum. They don’t want it falling into Safeguard’s hands.

Counter to this, Infinity Inc has sent a recovery team that intends on getting a sample of this serum ( which they have never had access to before ). It is for Simon Archangel who wants to examine it to see if Hammer Empire has some discovery he hasn’t made or if there is something he could glean from study of the serum.

Hammer and Demons, Vigilance and Knights - part 2
A Knights Vigilant Adventure

Greetings True Believers!

A Hammer Empire soldier kidnapped! Stolen away from Code Blue and the Hammer Empire, not to mention out from under the eyes of our heroes in the very middle of Manhattan? Who would even dare?

All this just for a lab rumored to be full of mutagen chemicals! If this is true, and those get loose, there will be hundreds of warwolves loose across Manhattan!

Danger is lurking around every corner, True Believers! Can our heroes handle a threat this dire? Will they outwit this unknown nemesis? Can they save the city from a very hairy end?

Stay Vigilant and we’ll find out!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


After stopping the Hammer Empire and a mysterious collection of foes that may or may not be the Golden Lotus, the Knights Vigilant pursue the escaping villains – who have abducted one of the Hammer Empire prisoners – towards another location in Manhattan…

After stopping the Disco Boys attempted kidnapping, the heroes discover the entire thing was a distraction to keep them busy. The Question, who had been nearby, gives the heroes what they need to hopefully cut off the ambush before the villains succeed.

Knights Vigilant arrive in time and confront the Hammer Empire and this mysterious other group that attacks the Hammer Empire as well. The heroes subdue the Hammer Empire, disable the escape vans, but the mysterious other group manages to escape with the Hammer Empire security chief.

The Knights Vigilant give chase …


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