Advanced Idea Mechanics

The Vision

Once upon a time, a set of like-minded scientists and engineers shared a common vision: a world ruled by logic, by dispassionate evaluation, by SCIENCE! They set out a ruthless, efficient plan by which they would quietly take control of all true power in this world. Lesser minds would remain mired in their petty, ephemeral concerns until they had been locked into positions of proper function.

Results: Technology would advance at never-before-seen rates. Disease would be eradicated. Poverty would cease to exist. Intelligence – and the ability to properly apply it! – would become the sole determining factor of any individual’s worth.

The world would become an ideal meritocracy. Humanity would finally be able to realize its true potential!

(And at last, at long last, we would have flying cars!)

The Very Unacceptable Reality

With only one exception, every single major resource-acquiring project, necessary to complete before any of the big pieces of The Plan could be enacted, has been completely disrupted!

In the AIM meritocracy, the reward for success is greater control of assets, for greater scientific endeavour. The consequence of failure is death: the supervisor of a failed project traditionally is eliminated by his or her successor, immediately upon discovery of the flaw in the plan.

The Everyday Effort

No science is wasted. A.I.M. gathers information in successes AND failures. They are happy to confiscate another group’s inventions, which are then put to better use. AIM markets their cast-offs and lesser models to other villain organizations. They have collaborative business relationships with some villain organizations, trading information or offering deals on items known to be particularly relevant to the other’s primary interests.

All AIM personnel, when acting in official capacity, wear the company’s signature yellow. Members have at least a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in some area of science, mathematics, or business – and for the so-called “soft sciences”, significantly more expertise is required.

Advanced Idea Mechanics

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