GM’s Note: It is not, in fact, an acronym! The name is often (certainly not always) written in all capital letters because of propaganda from the terrorist organization’s earliest days. Cobra Commander meant to come up with an acronym at some point, but he never thought of anything impressive enough. Eventually he sidestepped the issue entirely.

Every Snake has a Grand Origin

(Or maybe not.)

Back in the late seventies and the eighties, this pseudomilitary villain organization was the PITA laughingstock of the anti-democracy world. They had a lot of crooks, psychopaths, and Neanderthal thugs in their rank-and-file. Around the time Dr. Mindbender started trying to vat-grow the ultimate man, US forces managed to take the entire thing apart. Extensive Enterprises and ARBco Regional were confiscated by the FBI, people got locked up in simultaneous sting operations, a few hardware storage locations were firebombed throughout Eastern Europe and central Africa, and those officers who managed to avoid capture generally fled to the Netherlands. The analysis of several major world intelligence agencies since that time is that COBRA was finished, done and over with.

Researchable Modern Details

A player character with the right resources, and enough diligence, might come up with a couple of the following:

  • Baron William Ironblood, believed by INTERPOL to be the final assumed identity of Cobra Commander, seems to have died in jail. He was arrested for PONZI schemes related to his new career as a motivational speaker.
  • Dr. Mindbender is in a mental institution for the criminally insane, somewhere in Russia. He is completely without allies of any sort. “Former” COBRA officers went out of their way to have him arrested, his plans ruined, his theories proven worthless, and his life generally wrecked every time he poked his head out of hiding starting in the early nineties. No one will take his calls. No one will publish his papers. No one will provide resources for his experiments. No one will have anything to do with him. He can’t even get work as the prison dentist.
  • Rutger Xanatos, shady businessman, may have gotten the resources to jump-start a career in organized crime by converting some Cobra property and personnel.
  • James Destro now runs MARS, a small weapons research firm with eclectic tendencies.


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