(Currently this is a direct plagiarism of pg 42 in the 3rd Edition book, because I’m in a hurry. I’ll come back later, fix it, and erase this paragraph.)

Fatiguing (Factor Cost Mod: -2)
This Limitation causes a Power to be extremely tiring to use. After resolving the use of the Power normally, the Character must make an Action Check with the APs of Power actually used (which may be less than maximum) as the AV/EV. The OV of the Check is equal to the APs of Power (regardless of how many APs were used) while the RV is either the Character’s Body, Mind, or Spirit, depending on whether the Power is Physical, Mental, or Mystical, respectively. Hero Points may be spent to increase the OV/RV of this Check.

RAPs scored are immediately applied to the Character as the appropriate type of Bashing Damage (Physical, Mental, or Mystical depending on the Power). This damage cannot be reduced by Last Ditch Defense, however.

Note that the above procedure must be repeated for each phase the Power is in use, and that it is to the Character’s advantage to use a Fatiguing Power at less than maximum APs whenever possible.


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