GRAB was founded in the late Eighties by several money-minded villains as a sort of “support group.” Its members were all mentally balanced individuals (relatively speaking) who didn’t want to conquer the world, spread misery and suffering, or launch grandiose schemes — they just wanted to use their powers to get rich and live in the lap of luxury. Although it was a loose alliance more than a true villain team, all the members got along well, often socializing together. They established special funds for planning jobs, obtaining medical care, posting bail

money, and so on. Things went horribly awry in 1994, when Black Claw, one of the group’s founding members and its de facto “leader,” was shot and killed by the police while trying to escape from a botched break-in. Unfortunately, the Claw was the one who maintained all of the group’s finances and records, and the police quickly found them and froze all his assets. Almost overnight, the members of GRAB lost nearly two million dollars — their entire operating stash.

Disheartened by Black Claw’s death, not to mention losing all that money, the members of GRAB started to drift apart. Without someone to motivate the membership, the group was in danger of breaking up altogether. Then, one fine spring day, each of them received a note in the mail. Elegantly handwritten on rich, cream colored paper, each note invited the recipient to a meeting “to discuss matters of mutual interest that will ensure the continued existence, prosperity, and success of your organization.”Intrigued, and lacking any better alternative, each of the remaining members showed up at the designated location — an elegant hotel suite in New York — at the appointed time. Ushered into a sitting room by a silent butler, they soon found themselves speaking with an old, vulpine faced man.

Obviously wealthy and powerful, the man minced no words. “I am aware of the nature of your organization,” he said, “and I applaud your cupidity and your desire to avoid bloodshed — both admirable qualities in my opinion. I have need of persons such as yourself from time to time, and often come across information that might be of use to individuals in your… profession."

“I propose to re-constitute GRAB in a form more or less the same as it was before. I will establish a five million dollar “working fund” in trust, so that you as a group exert control over the money but the police cannot take it away. From time to time, I will provide you with information about jobs, and unless the group has some strong objection you will perform these jobs according to my instructions. What do you say?” He gave them a week to think it over.

Although none of the thieves was entirely comfortable with the proposal — they couldn’t find out a thing about the mysterious old man — it looked like a pretty good deal. It was too elaborate to be a police scam; it had to be legit. When they met the crafty old man one week later, they agreed to his terms.

Since then, the members of GRAB have seen an unprecedented rise in their respective fortunes. Their jobs go more smoothly than ever, the old man helps them get top dollar for fenced goods, and none of them has spent very much time in jail. They still have no idea who the old man is, where he gets his information, or why he wants to work with them, but they see no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. Things are good, and GRAB wants them to stay that way.

Group Relations

The members of GRAB get along extremely well. They tend to be easy-going, and to have the same attitudes and opinions, so the group isn’t split apart by personality conflicts like so many villain teams are. And they play together as well as work together; they go out in their Secret Identities to eat at fine restaurants, shop at boutiques, and visit clubs.


GRAB doesn’t have an extensive selection of combat tactics; the group doesn’t even like to fight. As far as the members are concerned, if they get into a battle, something’s gone wrong. Their main concern in combat is usually getting away. Fortunately, as a group GRAB is pretty mobile, and they use that to their advantage whenever

GRAB doesn’t have a secret headquarters, but it maintains several luxury apartments as safe-houses and bolt-holes. Cheshire Cat often uses his “gate” power to take the team to one of them, or to other designated “rally zones,” when fleeing the scene of a crime.

Current Members

Black Diamond
Cheshire Cat


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