Knights of Wundagore

The Knights of Wundagore are a team of “uplifted” animals and one clone ( Lady Jessica ) who defend and protect the civilians in and around Wundagore Mountain in the Romanian / Serbian region of the world.

Created by Michael Archangel using his “Evolution X” serum, they are the best and brightest their six fledgling ‘NuMen’ species have to offer. They consider Michael their ‘father’, but often refer to him as Lord Michael.

They are equipped with technology invented by both Michael and their local inventor, Sir Albert. All the equipment is fashioned along the theme of medieval chivalry but is extremely advanced. Some examples of equipment available are:

“Atomic Steed” :: Essentially a “hover motorcycle” or “speeder bike”. Usually a brass-gold color.
“Atomic Lance” :: A lance, used with the “steed”, that fires low charge heated plasma. The effect is powerful, but often stuns a target rather than kills.
“Star Sword” :: A sword that utilizes an “ultrasonic” blade.
“Atomic Mace” :: A blunt mace which can generate a low-charge plasma field. On impact it can stun a target.

Current members of the Knights of Wundagore are:

(Ram) Sir Albus Ram

(Wolf) Sir Alton Wolfe

(Leopard (aka a “Black Panther”)) Sir Rys Panatere

(Bear) Sir Vladimir Urso

(Bat) Lady Alice Ptero, aka “Lady A”

(Bat, inventor) Sir Albert Stuvens

(Leopard) Lady Jessica Venters

(Bear) Sir Alexander Urso

(Lion) Sir Richard Churchill

Knights of Wundagore

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