Knights Vigilant

In the storage spaces of a Youth Center in Manhattan, six of New York’s newest heroes brashly plot their next foray into crime-fighting. It would be grand if they could settle on a name, though the current favorite is “Knights Vigilant”.

It would be astounding if they could figure out what they’re doing, before they get in over their heads.


This is our most four-color superhero storyline, though it s still fairly gritty. The heroes are optimistic, aggressively moral, determined to Uphold the Good or exemplify the Responsibility of Power. When they get together and really get going, the whole superteam seems to develop a little Thrill of Adventure motivation as they steamroll through. The heroes include a professional librarian, a wealthy adventurer, a destitute barely-literate woman, a crusading lawyer, an inventor who almost went villain on his first in-costume day, and an athletic mercenary.

They tend to fight low-level over-the-top villains like Spiderlily, or the lower echelons of slightly cheesey villain organizations like the Golden Lotus. Their favorite adversary is a gang known as the Disco Boys.

Knights Vigilant

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