Oscorp Industries

Oscorp is a multinational corporation based out of the Oscorp Tower in New York. In the United States there are branch offices in Metropolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Gotham City. Overseas, there are offices in England, Australia, Ireland and Munich.

It was created and run by its CEO, Norman Osborn. Norman studied chemistry and electrical engineering in college, receiving high marks in both due to his genius level intellect. He also took a number of courses in business administration due to an almost obsession with proving himself a better breadwinner than his father, Ambrose Osborn.

Once out of college, Norman formed a business partnership with a former college professor, Mendel Stromm. Since Norman provided the bulk of the funding, they named their company “Osborn Chemical” or “Oscorp”.

Since then, Oscorp has branched out into numerous areas that range from chemical, to medical, robotics and even military equipment.

Oscorp Industries

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