(See p. 62 in the white book.)

Just about every RPG system has to have some way of representing photographic memory; this is MEGS’.

The amount of information which can be retained is effectively limitless; the APs of Power represent how good the Character is at utilizing this storehouse of memory.

So your character has an AMAZING memory. (Possibly in his hip pocket!) The trick is, in fact, to remember the most relevant thing at the right time. To remember a specific fact, roll your APs of Recall against your own Int/Int. Column Shifts will be applied by the GM based on the obscurity of the information you want. Positive RAPs get increasing amounts of results:

1 RAP = some small, vague piece of the topic in question. (“You’re reminded of a rainy afternoon two years ago, you once flipped past an infomercial about spiky fruit in some kind of wacky kitchen device.”)
Enough RAPs to equal half the RV = a good deal of information. (Item above plus, "The fruit was such an odd color between pink and red that you were pretty sure it must’ve been recolored or waxed for the program, but definitely the original fruit color was in that neighborhood. Too bad the video quality wasn’t better. You had the impression that the fruit might’ve been of Asian origin, and certainly it was edible (since they were making Gummy Toads out of it in the machine).
Enough RAPs to equal the full RV, if not more = everything the GM has in notes as data you would have previously encountered. (All above plus, “Look up ‘rambutan’ on the Internets. You know what it looks like, how it supposedly tasted, that it’s supposed to be kept attached to the branch until prepare-and-eat time, and that the seed is mildly poisonous.”)

Note that this power may never be used to make another PC tell you everything he remembers about a past in-game incident.
Also note that the GMs reward players who keep their own notes by making it possible to have this Power at a higher level of APs. You make our memory easier, we make your memory better!


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