(See p. 62 in the white book.)

Regeneration is a mental power, because it’s generally connected to the user’s Willpower rather than originating from the normal physical function of the cells. It isn’t restricted to the Physical aspects of life, either.

Regeneration is kind of messed up, at first glance.

For one thing, Regeneration is an Automatic power, no dice needed. So why does Jennie pick up dice when she says Feral is making a Regen check? Because Jarissa is actually attempting a Recovery Check, which is a Dice Action.

You see, Regeneration doesn’t make you more likely to heal from damage of any sort. It merely lets you make that check more quickly after you stop taking damage!

A Character with Regen needs to keep track of when she most recently took each kind of damage: Physical, Mental, Mystical, and in regard to each Power that has taken any sort of damage, including Fatigue or Burnout. If we were using the default kind of damage, she’d also have to pay attention to whether each category consisted of only Bashing Damage, or Killing Damage; under the “Damage is Damage” rules, she sort of still does, but operates from a default assumption that all damage is probably Killing unless otherwise specified by the GM.

The important thing to know on Regeneration is how a given AP level speeds up the Recovery Checks. Mostly this is a Time Check: start with 15 APs of time, which is one day — the base time to recover from potentially lethal damage. Subtract the APs of Regeneration. The result is how often the Power User can attempt a Recovery Check!

If the result is a negative number, this actually indicates how many Recovery Checks can be made in a single phase of combat. All of these grouped Recovery Checks count as the single Dice Action in terms of what the Character is allowed to do in a given phase of combat.

Make sense? If not, go hit Jarissa and observe what happens.


Note that Regeneration doesn’t make its User anything-proof. A Character with Regen still takes all that damage, still has to breathe, still suffers Neutralize Power effects, still bleeds, still has to replace lost body mass, still gets tired and ill and frightened and old. If a Character with Regen but not Invulnerability takes enough damage to put her at negative Body or Mind or Spirit, and she doesn’t immediately qualify for a Recovery Check that very phase, she dies.


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