As the Cold War ended, the political theater of the world dramatically changed. Coupled with this was the abrupt appearance of individuals who displayed both miraculous – and alarming – abilities.

The need to observe and record, perhaps even intervene, in these para-normal situations, the United States formed a covert organization intended to cope with these situations. Their initial mandate was to record, observe, protect. This in turn grew a bit broader as the need arose to quietly intervene to protect innocent citizens.

This organization was called the “Strategic Analysis, Forensics, Enforcement Governance United Action Response Division” … or S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D.

At first, they were a collection of loosely organized ‘cells’ of agents. These cells knew little of each other, or the structure within which they operated for safety and security. With the rise of vigilante activity, the discovery of the legendary Captain America found frozen under the ice, the intermittent appearance of the ‘hero’ dubbed the Green Lantern, it was obvious that SAFEGUARD needed to slowly expand its operations.

Labs were built yet a loose structure was maintained. Then a bomb was detonated under Metropolis that sunk a large quarter of the city, and meta-powered gangs started to make an appearance.


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