Zero APs

In DC Heroes, all measurements are made in APs, and actually cover a range from “just barely above the top of the previous AP size” to a maximum amount.

For mathematical purposes, the base measurement of any measurable concept is 0 APs of whatever. 1 AP is twice the size of 0; 2 APs are twice the size of 1 AP, therefore 2 APs are four times the size of 0 APs.

0 APs of Time equals 4 seconds. This is one phase of combat — the amount of time that passes between when the GM calls for an Initiative roll, and when the GM calls for the next Initiative roll.
We’re kind of loose on how much dialogue can be spoken in 4 seconds. The Cool Rule is pretty heftily applied here.

0 APs of Distance equals 10 feet. This is melee range for combat. Theoretically, any touch-range power can be activated within 0 APs of distance. Pragmatically, however, no GM is going to let Vampirism work from 10 feet away without a really good explanation.

0 APs of Weight equals 50 pounds. We’re actually more likely to care about the weight of a person; a typical innocent bystander is assumed to weigh about 2 APs (200 lbs).

0 APs of Volume is 1 cubic foot. That’s almost seven and a half gallons of water, or the cooking space inside a mid-sized microwave oven, or a bag of potting soil, or the capacity of a typical shelf-style fire safe. This is most likely to matter to self-manipulation characters like Sahara, or anyone about to deal with an explosion. Occasionally the volume of a chemical will be very important to combatants.

0 APs of Money is $25. Someone who has a Wealth of 0 APs is someone who makes up to twenty-five dollars a week, or $1300/year. This is why Taki doesn’t spring for doughnuts.

0 APs of Information is approximately equivalent to a paragraph. Possibly a longer paragraph than this one.

0 APs of damage are bruises, glancing blows, scrapes and scratches, or momentary pains. Bleeding is unlikely.

Zero APs

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