Heroes of many types, shapes and goals have existed across the broad stretch of humanity’s history: Robin hood, the Shadow, the Scarlet Pimpernel, Gilgamesh, the Three Musketeers, and Hercules just to name a small few. Their exploits are the stuff of legends. However, they all begin from a very simple place. They never begin with an explosion, a blast of trumpets, or any fanfare. They began with a single moment where a person looks around at his fellow human beings suffering, at times helplessly, and make a quiet decision:

I can make a difference. I can help. I must make a difference.

Despite all their personal shortcomings, their baggage of character flaws, they put themselves in harms way. These people stand up against nature, against the abuses of powerful people to protect others who are overwhelmed and cannot defend themselves. These unique individuals are the ones who’s faces are marred with sweat and blood, who struggle valiantly without much thought for others or their own safety. At times they falter or err, but always push themselves upright to stand against the pain and darkness. In the end they become the best of us, a beacon of hope. They become an idea made whole, a Tale of Justice.