Tales of Justice

Right to the Bone, Chapter 4
Brussel Shuffle!

Greetings True Believers!

When last we left, Wyldfire had been sent to Brussels to recover a copy of stolen medical research being smuggled in an antique book. They approached the Meyer and Stubens Auction House with a cunning plan in mind!

But no one expects a Brussels Beatdown!

Now, the team is separated. Thunderstrike is carrying Puma, a mountain lion-human mercenary, while chasing down the curator’s daughter. One Fiona Haske who just so happens to have the antique book the team is after. Only they’re not alone! They have eighty thousand of their closest tourists with them as Fiona dives into the crowd watching Brussel’s holiday parade!

Back at the auction house, Doc Reynolds is escorting a mysterious woman from South Africa. An albino woman who is part of the group here to bid on the antique books. Someone whom the team suspects is up to no good!

Its hard to tell since she is caught in the same smoke grenade as Doc Reynolds. But then again, just where did the woman’s brother go?

Then there is Feral, after discovering a small swarm of bronze-gold scarab creatures running around, she gives chase. And she caught one, only to have it spit out a flash drive and drop it at her feet?

And last would be Feral’s husband, Blackjack, international thief. After getting an emergency phone call, he meets with a latecomer to the team.

Perhaps Martin Prinz, also known as Amethyst, can help sort things out!

Let’s check in, True Believers, as our heroes get caught up in the Brussel Shuffle!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!



Right to the Bone, Chapter 3
Ever'day I'm Brusselin'

Greetings True Believers!

Captain America, the Shadow and the SAFEGUARD field team made it just in time! While they extract their allies, I’m wondering about those strange machines. Those scarabs…

Just what are they? Where did they come from?

Most important, are they friend? Or Foe?

While SAFEGUARD and Sahara work through that, half a world away in Belgium’s capital of Brussels, members of Wyldfire are handling a different problem.

Tasked by their employer, Dr. Jean-Claude Gironde, the team has been sent to intercept the last copy of a genetic therapy process invented by one Dr. Magnus Corado that can regenerate various damage to the eye!

Color blindness, even many forms of eye disorders, all gone without surgery! Amazing!

What’s even more amazing, and deadly, is that they aren’t the only ones after it. Hammer Empire, AIM, and more have arrived for the auction. A deadly assortment is in attendance!

Now all Wyldfire has to do is figure out which antique book holds the missing data. After all, it’s only an estate sale for a two hundred year old personal library! How hard can that be?

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!



Right to the Bone, Chapter 2
Home Alone

Greetings True Believers!

Well, it seems there’s less and more to this ‘ghost’ business than anyone knew!

But what has an old World War 2 Nazi science experiment have to do with Tibet? Or ancient Egypt? Or even the project that produced Captain America?

And that’s the big mystery isn’t it, True Believers? It’s also what SAFEGUARD is out to solve.

But for starters, what about those missing sailors? And why didn’t the US Coast Guard get involved? Something’s fishy about that, I tell you.

Let’s see if SAFEGUARD has reeled anything in about it!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The Trenchcoat Brigade

Guest Starring


Right to the Bone, Chapter 1
Harbor Hijinks

Greetings True Believers!

It’s evening in the Big Apple, and like always, it proves New York City is the city that never sleeps! People and vehicles are busy moving on their way around and across New York.

In the harbor, ships move through the waterway or sit quiet at the docks. All save one.

That ship, the Hershaw sits quiet with her lights dimmed. Until two dock hands run from her deck. Eyes wide they scream about glowing runes! A dead crew!

Jinkies, True Believers! A ghost ship! But could it be real ghosts? After all this is the real world, not some made up fiction!

SAFEGUARD’s curious about this, too! Which is why they’ve activated …

THE TRENCHCOAT BRIGADE to investigate! So grab your proton packs and Tobin’s Spirit Guides, True Believers! It may prove to be a ghastly good time!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The Trenchcoat Brigade

Guest Starring


TED-Meta 4
The High Seas

Yo ho! Yo ho! A Villain Life For Me!

Two hundred fifty people try to prepare the largest island in the Nomanisan Bay archipelago for the inevitable attack by Murder World Security forces.

Well … actually … eight of those 250 are prisoners. They are not going to help.

Two of those 250 are Murder World contestants,who may have decided to switch sides in the name of piracy, but are not necessarily going to help the civilians.

Five of those 250 were at the convention as “drivers” (bodyguards), and they probably WOULD help except most of them got injured in the big fight against The Astrologer and his minions.

Dr. John Evans, one of the convention attendees, is drafting some people from the 200 convention attendees to help him treat the new injuries AND to figure out who among the civilian population are at special risk because they are definitely not metahumans. Can we do that without advanced technological equipment? Dr. Evans acts under the supposition that a majority of this population are likely to be metahumans, whether they know (and admit) it or not, because of what Vicious and Mirabelle Sinjin told everyone earlier in the morning.

Easily two thirds of the remaining 220 are “preparing” by desperately trying to get some sleep.

That leaves 73 people, only 15 of which have experience in managing group survival on this island, plus the 4 Wyldfire members. Defenses need to be contructed. Food needs to be gathered. Water needs to be desalinated and stored. Weapons need to be recharged. Prisoners need to be more permanently secured. Fire pits need to be dug, reinforced, given chimneys to redirect the smoke into a smokehouse (which needs to be built), and large amounts of supplies need to be laid in. Nets need to be woven and deployed.

Mirabelle Sinjin says it cannot be done. It is not possible to keep alive a group this large. She says, quietly but firmly, that if anyone is going to survive then more than three quarters of the group needs to be left to fend for themselves, with an expectation that they will not stand much of a chance. She looks haunted when she glances at the crowd. She says Wyldfire is not The Watchmen, and you cannot save everyone.

Killer Croc offers to solve the prisoner problem by eating them.

Bitsy Klein, Convention Organizer, looks very unhappy about this. She starts trying to figure out who has the best chance of survival, and how to manage this. She keeps looking at the teenage ushers from her Convention Center staff.

Doug Miller, Palmer Tech Representative, is quietly furious. “We WILL save EVERYBODY,” he insists, “because that’s what Palmer Technologies does!” Doug Miller is not an engineer. He is not a scientist. He is a Public Relations flack. He looks like he is ready to invent a laser gun out of coconuts, using sheer determination and motivational speech to make it happen.

The members of Wyldfire, last the GM heard, intended to leave the NPCs to it, while heading for the shorter “volcano” to infiltrate the engine room and take over the entire floating island.

Is that still the plan, gentlemen?

TED-Meta 3
The Greatest Game

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
— but not on Murderworld!

The survivors of TED-Meta have built a pykrete dome near the eastern shore of Nomanisan South, under the many different trees of this strange island. Night fell, the only food gathered so far is coconut, and many of the civilians have difficulty sleeping in these harsh conditions.

Even more so, when Arcade’s announcement played across the island on hidden loudspeakers!

An event of some sort is in progress. There is a “bag limit” per guest. People in white jumpsuits are not valid targets. Opportunities exist in the lake country of the northwest, or there’s a “challenge” available on the south central peninsula.

Arcade must mean the unexpected Wyldfire members of the TED-Meta conference!

Does that mean the woman with the net — the one who looks a little like MMA fighter Katya Kavaleva — is on her way for a rematch against the “Orinson”?

When Silverwing pushes himself, for a few seconds he can sprint at 1704600 miles per hour. That is over two hundred twenty-two times the speed of sound. That is more than six thousand times the speed of non-metahuman thought. But then, his comfortable running speed is already over Mach 2!

He has run to the northwest corner of the island, where he searches for the potential targets of this announced event. He plans to bring any he finds back to the conference group. Hopefully then, everyone can work together to move the civilians to a safer location, and defend each other from whatever may be coming.

Wyldfire members know that when Silverwing stops running after this heroic exertion, he is going to be in rough shape. He will need food, a lot of calories, and a chance to rest. If he has to fight, he may be more susceptible to injury.

  1. How are you preparing for the new allies?
  2. How are you moving the civilians to a more defensible location?
  3. Is anyone making preparations for the moment when Silverwing stops moving?
TED-Meta 2
Welcome to Murderworld!

Welcome to Murder World, where the secrets are plenty, alliances are fleeting, and the key to victory might be rewriting the rules of the game. Who will survive?

At the opening of this session:

  • The hologram emitter has emitted a small burst of fireworks. When they cleared, it had shut down and sealed itself up.
  • All noncombatants have been treated for injuries. One conference attendee is anxious because he has a limited supply of his necessary medication for his kidney disease. One of the college-age ushers is a young Chinese-American lady who is minimally verbal. Her boyfriend, another of the ushers, says that is normal for Cecie and that she has social anxiety.
  • Bitsy Klein, event manager for the Connecticut Conference Center, is trying to put everyone who has camping experience or rough field work experience into one group, to start dealing with immediate survival needs, while the heroes figure out 1) WHERE ARE WE?!? and 2) HOW DO WE GET HOME??? Very few of the scientists have applicable experience. A couple volunteer with Doctors Without Borders so they can treat emergencies in rough conditions. The “chauffeurs” are more likely to have relevant skills.
  • You have about 200 people in your “kidnapped citizens” group. None of the catering staff from the event.
  • You have 16 prisoners.
  • Among all the heroes, one of you is definitely serum-free and one of you is probably serum-free.
  • You have no phone signal. You have no idea what day it is. You are hungry. You have maybe as much as five hours until sundown.
  • Metropolis Rogues member “Jaqstones” is staring at the ground just past the edge of the metal plates. She is unhappy. She would feel better if someone bothered her so she would have an excuse to punch them.
It's all in the name of science. Weird Science.

It’s summer of 2009 and a special conference is planned in Hartford, Connecticut on the topic of “Metahumans and Medicine”.

Invited speakers will talk about

  • determining special medical needs in metahuman patients;
  • advancements that metahuman abilities have brought (and can someday bring) to general medical knowledge and technology;
  • the modern “superbug” problem;
  • whether a near-future generation will be a different species completely;
  • and the keynote speech will be “We Have Isolated the Metahuman Activation Genome”. #

Jean-Claude Gironde has summoned certain specialists who work for his staff, who are part of the “Special Projects” covert team called Wyldfire. He has an uncomfortable feeling about this conference, from a professional standpoint and from a personal one. He does not want to influence the minds of his operatives; he wants you to investigate, observe, and report back.

Dr. Steven Reynolds will attend as a representative of Nykvist Labs, which is a biophysics research startup owned by Phoenix Industries.
Don Blake will attend as a representative of the Gironde School.
Since they both will have their hotel bills and conference tickets paid by Phoenix Industries, they will share a corporate-provided driver (who will be Martin Prinz in disguise. He’s wearing a driver’s cap with a Phoenix Biotech patch on it.)
Meanwhile, Thomas Jordan will disguise himself as a technical support specialist for Kothar Medical Design. Which is a pun, see, because Kothar was the god of Windows and Technical Support in the MIddle-East. He’s bringing in and setting up the demo booth for KMD,

If this conference is completely legitimate:
take a lot of notes! Especially during that keynote speech! If there is a common genetic fragment in all people who have active metahuman genes — whether they’re mutants, scientific enhancements, or what have you, then we need to know! And why are disguised aliens not being exposed in this test? OR ARE THEY?!

If this conference is some kind of cover for villain activity:
INVESTIGATE and remember that you are part of an Elite Counter-Espionage Team! Prevent innocents from being harmed, but try (really, really try!) not to expose Wyldfire to the public. We would be just as happy for some more public “supergroup” to get credit, if credit absolutely must be given at all.

So, gentlemen, you’re off to Hartford, Connecticut, and ultimately the Connecticut Convention Center. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Blake will share a suite at the Avon Old Farms Hotel. The disguise identities for Martin Prinz and Thomas Jordan will have more modest rooms at the much smaller Twin Spruce Motel. and will each have a separate “fleet vehicle” appropriate to his role.

Won’t this be a nice, quiet, educational trip?

Icy Reception, Part 3
Blinded by the light!

Greetings True Believers!

Did you see? General Zod! The leader of the Kryptonian military. In fact, he could be considered the leader of the Kryptonian empire! What is he doing on Earth strolling around a base owned by Dr. Telios?

What? Is he shopping for a summer home in Antarctica?

Meanwhile our heroes are up to their necks in trouble! Elektra and the Shadow are on the roof, right where the Kryptonians are. Sahara is working hard to keep the base defenses down. Kitsune is on his way with winged backup. And Psypher is beside himself! Literally!

But that might be a glimmer of hope for our heroes! At least it might be! In any case, of course, they’ll shed some light on all this before its over!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The Trenchcoat Brigade

Guest Starring


Icy Reception, Part 2
Strangers in a Stranger Land

Greetings True Believers!

Nothing says hello, like a mace through a window! At least, the winged figure made a smashing entrance!

And what an entrance it was! But, is this Konol Obak friend? Or he is foe? He claims to be an ally against Dr. Telios. And really, that isn’t a hard claim to make.

But why is he here in this prime primeval real estate? And why is this place even here? Did Dr. Telios create it? And how does Konol Obak factor into this?

And none of that begins to answer … what about Elektra and the Shadow? Looks like things have taken a strange turn. Deep within an advanced complex, its filled with Telios clones. But where are they? And will they finally take that first step into the wider world … and out of the closet?

The questions just keep stacking up, True Believers! But never fear! Our heroes are more than able at knocking them down!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


The Trenchcoat Brigade

Guest Starring



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