Tales of Justice

Hammer and Demons, Vigilance and Knights - part 1

A Knights Vigilant Adventure

Greetings True Believers!

It’s a beautiful, cloud-spotted early evening in the Big Apple! The heat of the day is making way for the cool breeze of the evening that blows through the island of Manhattan. But … this just might be an ill wind blowing, True Believers!

This is also on the eve of one of the biggest trials this city has seen in some time. Because of the serum that mutated Dr. Carl Stanis into an uncontrollable werewolf, the DA will prosecute the Hammer Empire troopers on a variety of crimes, starting with possession of a biological mutagen narcotic! The press is in a feeding frenzy, and our current DA – up for re-election – is handing out the food!

Also, someone else has taken a great interest in these prisoners … specifically one of them in particular who has information to a very powerful, and deadly, weapon. A weapon that could hammer the Big Apple to its very core! What shadowy person could want such as thing? More important … will our heroes be able to stop it?

I know I can’t wait to find out!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!

As the scene opens … the Disco Boys have kidnapped the police commissioner’s daughter and her friend. Using two vans, they separate the girls and try to confound the heroes. The Disco Boys have a new leader calling the shots: Diamond Jim!


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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