Tales of Justice

Harvest of Dust

A most unusual beginning ...

Thrilling Tales of Wonder present Wyldfire in … Harvest of Dust!

Greetings True Believers!

It’s winter in Metropolis! And with the season comes winter break at the Gironde School for the Gifted. Most students return home to visit family and friends for the holidays. Meanwhile, the staff gets a well-earned break from the rigors of teaching the minds – and heroes – of tomorrow.

This time, this isn’t a vacation for the members of Wyldfire. Now that the team has recovered Jarissa from the clutched of Mr. Sinister, its time to focus their efforts in recovering his daughter, Mirabelle. Meeting in the team’s War Room, they review information gleaned from Sinister and other sourced available to Dr. Gironde. Mirabelle is held by the hitman known only as Arcade. They have multiple possible locations of his ‘murderworld’ … but only one is authentic.

But first they might want to something about the whirling blue dimensional gate that is ripping open in the back of the room!

This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




Karen Toguni is the young woman who came through the portal first. The portal was created by Jason Mbani.

Harvest of Dust

Kevin Tora is the elder of the village. He says raids started several weeks back and he does not know anything R’as al Ghul would want.

Harvest of Dust
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