Tales of Justice

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The Trenchcoat Brigade investigates mysterious tri-state events!

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An adventure of the Trenchcoat Brigade, starting with the secret monthly meeting at a Chinatown dim sum restaurant called “Dim Sum Go Go” on East Broadway. Their prices are very affordable, which means they have a lot of business at any given time; wear civilian disguises, don’t raise your voices or use obvious powers, and no one can eavesdrop on your conversation. (Even better! They are still celebrating the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, which should keep the rest of the crowd LOUD!)

You each have recent observations that you want to talk over with your allies. And Apothecary Fu has sent an earnest young Japanese immigrant to contribute another piece of the developing puzzle!

The “Tri-State Area” covers parts of New York, New Jersey, and western Connecticut that make up most of New York City and its surrounding area. Over twenty million residents live here. Many live in one city and commute daily to another. Adding in nearby parts of northern Pennsylvania, it can be argued that the Tri-State Area is the single largest urban agglomeration — possibly the most diverse — in North America.

Learned papers have been written as to how this area came to be so heavily connected, but for most day-to-day residents, the answer is simple: NYC is the most economically powerful city in the world.

And yet, for certain individuals … those with unusual viewpoints or specialized knowledge … something more created this geographic bond. Something deeper maintains that connection. It is a pulsing, living whole, vibrant, always growing, always changing. Where the Tri-State area leads, the rest of the world is likely to follow.

Which is why when certain small events come to the attention of Earth’s Subtlest Heroes, each man feels a strong inclination to investigate quickly — and bring his findings to the next meeting of The Trenchcoat Brigade!

Pick up next time with some of the party going to the Slavic Soul Party concert in a hole in the wall coffee shop tonight, and Nathan Bourne going to the “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art” event.


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