Tales of Justice

Launch Code part 6

Now listen here, Larry Duberman!

Among local Greek organizations associated with New York City colleges and universities, Psi Phi Zeta has a reputation as The Most Tight-laced, Boring Frat Ever. They don’t have scandals. They don’t have wild parties. They don’t have nerve-wracking Rush Week traditions. They don’t raid the Dean’s office or play pranks.

They are “staid” if you talk like they do.
“Lame” to everyone else.

Until now!

Something mysterious has lit a metaphorical fire under them. Members are making inventive, amateur forays into several metahuman fields at once. Some research ancient legends of artifacts that granted godlike powers. Some visit Chinatown, asking specific questions about rare, old herbal remedies. Some seek out psychics for very unusual queries. And some … some make suspicious deals on the black market, involving mutagenic “enhancers”. Not just the latest edition of Silent Dreams, either, now called Star Gate.

Last night, the Trenchcoat Brigade disrupted several pieces of a dangerous plan. In the wee hours of the morning, they infiltrated the PPZ frathouse through an ingenious plan and surreptitiously collected a lot of information, which they now take the chance to examine more closely at an undisclosed location.

Interrogating PPZ fraternity brother Larry Duberman ….

The hour is past six in the morning. Many citizens begin their normal days. Others go to rest after a long night.

The Shadow interrogated the young man who organized the supplies, shipments, and assignments for this highly dubious PPZ project. Larry Duberman, Keeper of the Checklists, has given all the information that can be coaxed out of him. Now it is time to dispose of him and plan the next step.

Sahara and Chameleon lurk nearby, just out of sight. They are ready if the Shadow needs backup; also they continue to look through the commandeered materials for any further clue, or for possible lines of further inquiry.

Psypher used the credit card swiped from the PPZ to arrange a future date with the alien visitor Summon: a tuxedo, two tickets to the Broadway production of Aladdin, even a prepaid cab ride. He then disposed of the credit card and traveled to deliver his invitation personally. He had to deactivate his comms for an hour, but the otherworldly being certainly had something to say! Psypher has intelligence to share with his colleagues, and should be brought up to date by them on what he missed.


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