Tales of Justice

Launch Codes part 2

Tony's House o' Ribs!


Half of our Masked Avengers are going to the “Language of the Birds: Occult and Art” closing night cocktail party. It takes place at the NYU Steinhardt School’s Department of Art and Art Professions, located in the East Village. Guest artist Bryn Oh will speak on the evolution of symbolic and ritual mythology in the virtual world, where every participant becomes “metahuman” in an experiental sense. They hope to gain information on or even from Professor Rita Wright, anthropologist and archaeologist. Is she connected in any way with the mystery down on Frat Row?

The other half of the team are en route to a live appearance of a band called ""Slavic Soul Party".":https://myspace.com/slavicsoulparty Among the fans of this particular jazz quintet may be the college students who made several perplexing purchases at apothecaries in other cities! The venue is a coffee shop called “Rise and Grind”, conveniently located near the parking garage under Tony’s House of Ribs.


Bob Megalos a student of interest for Professor Wright because she thinks he has focusing problems.

Launch Codes part 2

Professor Wright has received repeated job offers from Bio-investigations Limited. Offering her middle six figures.

Launch Codes part 2

Person of interest at event:

Name: Dr. Roger Davies
Background: From Stamford U in Connecticut. Teaches an undergrad class, mid-term requires analysis of ‘lesser artifacts’. Aboriginal N.Amer cultures. Working on second doctorate.

Complaining about nothing reasonably priced to point univ students at to ‘prove themselves’. Uses Zuni artifacts on the test. Uses the “Ram” artifacts. Low-quality. From Zimbabwe. “White stone” possibly alabaster or marble representing “the East” in Zuni culture.

Uses Zuni fetishes as potentially a way to open the door for him to lead an expedition to southeast asia / china region to perform a dig to support his theory.

Used him to lure Rita Wright close, allowing Bourne to lift her phone to search while Rita Wright argued with Roger Davies over theory.

Davies has met Wright before. Professionally disagree, and have argued before.

Launch Codes part 2
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