Tales of Justice

One-Shot Adventure: Knights Vigilant vs The Bishie Boyz

What's with all the hair flipping?!

Rumors abound that a new gang has appeared on the Manhattan scene. Instead of the normal small block to larger neighborhood organic growth of a homegrown gang, or the rides-into-town-and-absorbs-an-area pattern for an invading gang, this one makes aggressive strikes at several other gangs’ most vulnerable territories. Just last night, the Westies lost a bit of Hell’s Kitchen to a different protection racket while the Latin Kings had four drug runners replaced with representatives of a different supplier.

Word on the Internet and the streets is that something flashy is going down tonight, something close to the glamorous area of the Upper East Side.

Why, that’s across Central Park from the secret headquarters of the Knights Vigilant! These criminals might as well be announcing themselves on the heroes’ front doorstep!

Not to mention all the innocent people about to find themselves in harm’s way.

Grab your best hair care tips and your fancy jacket, heroes, it’s The Knights Vigilant vs The Bishie Boyz


Banzai_Aether JarissaVenters

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