Apothecary Fu

Mysterious alchemist and retired hero


Apothecary Fu is a short, Chinese man with a warm smile. His eyes tend to twinkle as if he harbors some amusing secret he almost – yet won’t – tell you. His thin hair is gray with a touch of black still showing. He comes it back, mostly, when he remembers. He dresses very casual in a loose tan shirt, denim pants and either tennis shoes or boots in winter.


Fu Qiang Xue is an accomplished alchemist and healer who spent most of his younger years as a traveling adventurer. While Apothecary Fu has no mutant or other kind of powers, he is a very accomplished alchemist and gadget inventor.

Most of his inventions circle around the use of alchemy powders which use extremely advanced – in some cases revolutionary – chemistry and other scientific theories. The result of which are effects that are rarely seen outside a high quality stage magician. Only with this, he actually can affect the real world by generating ice, fire or other effects, combined with illusions so real, the viewer is often convinced of their ‘reality’.

He lives in New York City’s Chinatown as the local alchemist and healer. He acts as the sometimes mentor to the local hero group, Knights Vigilant

Apothecary Fu

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