Devanna Hawke

Expert archer and mercenary villain


Devanna is a medium height woman at 5’9" with very short cut, black hair. She has a very toned, muscular body, not unlike a professional acrobat or gymnast. She usually wears an armored jacket over an aerialist’s unitard. Her boots are flexible, form fitting, and knee length. She usually has a utility belt with a vast array of gadgets at her disposal. Beyond the gadgets, she is an accomplished marksman with almost any weapon – or non-weapon – object she can get her hands on. However, at most times, she prefers the use of a bow and trick arrows.


mercenary, has a tendency to prefer archery.

While is a freelancer, has a good working relationship with Content Not Found: The-Penguin.

Doesn’t mind pulling in help to crew as needed, and will treat her hired help tough but fair.

Devanna Hawke

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