Dr. Steven Reynolds (Medkit?)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Telekinetic Doctor


Dr. Steven Reynolds

Dex 5 (21) Str 2 (6) Body 4 (18) 2

Int 7 (56) Will 8 (48) Mind 7 (48) 4

Infl 4 (14) Aura 3 (12) Spirit 4 (18)

Initiative: 18


Telekinesis 8 (Linked to Willpower -2CS) (47)
Damage Transference 8 (Linked to Willpower -2CS) (Resulting Damage Only Goes To

Mind -1CS) (31)
Regeneration 8 (Linked to Willpower -2CS) (Must Be Conscious -1CS) (65)
Force Field 6 (42)


Acrobatics 5 (Dodge Only -2CS) (30)
Charisma 5 (Persuasion Only -2CS)
Detective 5 (Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition, and Identification Systems
Only -2CS) (30)
Medicine 7 (Linked to Intelligence -2CS) (37)
Scientist 5(20)
Thief 5 (Security Systems, Stealth Only -4CS) (26)
Vehicles 2 (Land Vehicles Only -3CS) (7)


Attractiveness (15)
Connection, Low: Exiles From Eureka Colony (10)
Gift of Gab
Lightning Reflexes (20)
Scholar: Genetics
Scholar: Latin (10)
Scholar: Science Fiction and Fantasy (10)
Wealth 4 (6)


Serious Irrational Attraction: Clues To His Father’s Fate (25)
Serious Irrational Attraction: Collecting Unusual Biological Samples (25)

Total Points: 597

Hero Points: 341

Armor 3
Comm Set
Thangarian Medical Disk
Thangarian Email Address
Samples and Computer Data From Sinister

Subplot: Considered An Ally (Clockwork King)


The story of Steven Reynolds began years before he was even born. It all
started with the Eureka Settlement, a self sufficient colony established by a
group of geniuses and visionaries on a remote island in the South Pacific. Its
purpose was to bring together brilliant indviduals in numerous fields into one
community in which they could pool their efforts synergistically in an effort
to create advancements and developements that would benefit the world. In other
words, to create a Better Tomorrow.

Among those individuals were the parents of Steven and his sister Cindy.
George Herbert Reynolds was a geneticist in Project Chrysalis, which was
working on methods to engineer new traits resulting in useful improvements and
new capabilities in humanity. Alice Harper was a marine biologist in Project
Deep Blue, working to develop new and enviromentally friendsly ways to utilize
the resources of the Earth’s oceans. They happened to meet one night at the
party of a mutual friend, and a couple of years later they were married.

Shortly after that Steven was born. A few years later came his sister Cindy.
Like a number of other children born in Eureka, Steven and Cindy were
beneficiaries of the fruits of Project Chrysalis. Besides enjoying the common
benefits of exceptional intelligence and lack of inheritable maladies, the
children possessed a variety of metahuman abilities. Steven, for example, had
the psionic talent of telekinesis.

Life was pleasant for Steven and Cindy in Eureka. Advanced technology let the
community enjoy a high average standard of living. It had a top notch
educational system geared specifically to handle the type of prodigies the
community would produce. Opportunities were abundant in Higher Education,
allowing Steven for example to earn a medical degree at an an earlier age than
most doctors.

If not for their mother’s untimely death when Steven was ten due to an accident
during an undersea research expedition, no tragedy would have marred their
existence. Apart from that tragedy, existence for the Reynolds family was
idyllic. Then came the day that changed all their lives. The day Eureka was

They came in the middle of the night. Some way, some how, they had managed to
discover Eureka’s location and evade the island’s early detection systems.
Catching the community by surprise, the large group of unidentified
paramilitary forces proceeded to neutralize defensive systems and attempted to
seize personnel and data.

While the unknown forces had the element of surprise, their attack did not stay
unnoticed forever. The remaining defense systems did what they could to occupy
them while the citizens of Eureka attempted to destroy databases, equipment,
and specimens to insure they didn’t fall into the wrong hands before fleeing.

During the chaos Steven’s father George told his son to get himself and Cindy
to one of the emergency evacuation craft (which the settlement maintained in
case a dire emergency of some sort occured) and to keep his sister safe. The
last time Steven saw his father he was heading to the Project Chrysalis
facility as gunfire, energy blasts, and explosions lit up the night.

Steven managed to get Cindy and himself to one of the departure sites. The
evacuation was chaotic, nothing like the monthly drills for emergency
situations. While the Safety Committee had planned for numerous disasters from
reactor meltdown to chemical or biohazzard spills, a large scale invasion by
hostile paramilitary forces who would actively attempt to intercept evacuees
was not one of the predicted scenarios.

Steven and Cindy were among the lucky ones. The majority of Eureka were either
killed or captured on the island, or intercepted by the unknown raiders, their
final fates unknown. The ones who managed to escape scattered to be less
vulnerable to being located, fearing that whoever was behind the attack on
Eureka would try to finish the job and capture them.

Several attempts to abduct Cindy by unknown agents proved that fear right.
Luckily, Steven’s power and skill was enough to thwart the attempts. For the
next month or so Steven and Cindy kept on the move, trying to elude their hunters while Steven looked into what few clues he encountred to find out his
father’s fate.

After a while, when it seemed they finally managed to obscure their trail from
their hunters, Steven decided to look for a place to settle down that would be
a relatively safe sanctuary for him and his sister. One of his fellow Eureka
refugees referred him to the Phoenix Foundation, and that is how he came to
become employed at the school and a member of Team Wyldfire.

Dr. Steven Reynolds (Medkit?)

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